Wednesday, September 07, 2005

8 Things a New Mom Needs

When a new baby is born, most of us are thrilled to go shopping and shower the new mom with gifts for the baby. We give her gifts with which to clothe him, feed him, clean him, diaper him, and moisturize or soothe his sensitive baby skin. We give her gifts which will make him even more beautiful and toys that will entertain and please him. Yet, in all our excitement about the new baby, we often make the mistake of forgetting about the needs of the new mom. New moms need gifts for themselves which will clothe, feed, clean, moisturize, entertain, and of course, make her feel more beautiful. Following are a few gift ideas for the brand new mom.

1. New clothes. All new moms are terribly weary of maternity clothes. For the new mom in your life, consider buying a pretty nightgown, comfy pajamas, or a loose sweater, as she may still need a bit of extra room around the middle. She will enjoy wearing something new.

2. Dinner. If possible, gather several friends or family members together to make dinner for the new mom for the first few weeks of baby's life. See to it that someone brings dinner to her home every evening so she won't have to cook. Talk to her in advance about any dislikes or allergies.

3. Nursing pads. Even if the new mom has decided not to nurse her baby, she will still be dealing with leaks and such, so give her a box of nursing pads. If there will be no nursing, consider a gift of bottles and formula.

4. Run errands. New moms often have older children to care for as well as errands to run such as picking up groceries, medicine, or other such things. Surprise the new mom in your life by offering to run errands for her; or better yet, to babysit the new baby and other children so she can go out for an hour or two by herself.

5. Laundry help. New babies, precious as they are, are quite messy with diapers leaks, spitting up, etc. Delight a new mom by coming over and doing her laundry for her, or taking it out to the laundromat.

6. Rest. Rest is the one thing that all new moms lack. Consider visiting the new mom's home to babysit while she goes to her bedroom for a nice, long nap. While you're there, put something on to cook, do the laundry, or clean something. She will be eternally grateful.

7. Date night. Rarely do new moms and dads have time alone, let alone time for a date. Encourage the new mom in your life to spend time alone with her husband, even if it's just for a short drive or a trip to the corner store for milk. Offer to babysit and encourage them to have a little fun.

8. Timely visits. All new moms get lonely, but they don't need visitors who come in and prevent them from doing all the things they need to be doing - like laundry, napping, or cooking. Always call ahead and when you visit, think of it as a working visit; help the new mom in some way. This is the best gift anyone can give.

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