Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Baby Foods

The other day my two year old toddler asked me to buy the "banana cookies". No, we were not in the grocery store cookie aisle. We were in the baby food aisle. That's right. Beechnut makes banana flavored cookies for babies. Apparently my toddler remembered how much he liked the taste and wanted to relive the experience.

These days, if you peruse the baby food aisle you will be amazed at the vast selection of foods available. Much more than just jars of pureed peas and pears, today's baby foods come in flavors like Blueberry Buckle and Apple Crisp-- and they are appealing to babies and toddlers alike. Be careful or you just may find that your kindergartner is eating all of baby's food!

New finds in the baby food aisle

If you're looking for a snack for baby, you now have more to offer than just Cheerios. You can find fruit and vegetable flavored "puffs" in the baby aisle. My children love the berry flavored puffs and the sweet potato flavored puffs.

The Gerber Graduates line has offerings like biter biscuits, zwieback toast and fruit wagon wheels (great for teethers). And for your little self-feeder, Gerber's Pasta Pickups are a great, non-messy way to let baby feed himself (with flavors like Spinach and Cheese ravioli, mom or dad may even want to sneak a bite).

Gerber's L'il Entrees line is almost like a TV dinner for your baby-- great if you're on the run (a vegetable chicken dinner is paired with apples and sweet potatoes, for example).

And if you're looking for organic food for your baby, you don't have to make a special trip to the health food store. Gerber has a line of organic baby foods called Tender Harvest. With flavors like Country Chicken with Brown Rice and Apple Pear Raspberry, your baby will enjoy a variety of delicious flavors.

Gerber's new Mini Fruits and Mini Veggies line is touted as "freeze dried" fruits and vegetables, with flavors like corn and banana strawberry.

Over at Beechnut, babies can be treated to diced apple, pear or carrot chunks (very soft texture for babies with few teeth). The Arrowroot Cookies and the Cheese Crackers make snack time fun for baby, while providing more vitamins and minerals than regular "adult" crackers.

Beechnut's Table time line can have your baby eating a meal in minutes-- with flavors like Chicken and Potatoes in Cheese Sauce or Lasagna in Meat Sauce, your baby will love meal time. Or try a container of Beechnut Veggie Soup-- accompanied with some veggie crackers.

Food-giant, Heinz, also carries a line of products for your baby. Besides their impressive assortment of first foods and junior foods, their toddler line includes delicious meat and vegetable combinations, as well as toddler "cuisine" like animal-shaped pasta in tomato sauce. They also have a line of nutritious cereals for baby, like Nutrios and Apple Cinnamon Crisp.

And speaking of baby food, have you ever tasted Gerber's Vanilla Custard Pudding? It's simply decadent! It satisfies my sweet tooth, that's for sure, and baby may want a taste, too.

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