Monday, September 12, 2005

Celebrating Baby's Adoption

When you have tried to have a baby and cannot or for another reason have decided to adopt a child, you will feel just as overwhelmed as a Mom and Dad who did it the old-fashioned way. While many people may think you have it "easy" because you do not have the pregnancy and delivery, you will have your own set of challenges. Becoming a parent is difficult no matter how it happens!

You should be joyous and celebrate your new little one. There are a number of ways you can celebrate the adoption of your baby. You should definitely send out an announcement with a photo. One of the problems with adoption from other people's perspective is that they are unsure what to say.

When you have a baby, people are at your house, calling, and otherwise congratulating you. When you adopt, however, people are unsure whether or not they should mention it. Help your friends and family by sending an announcement and a picture. They should see your new child. You should include his or her name, adoption date, and birth date on your card.

Another option is to have an adoption party. This option is mainly for people who adopt older children who are aware of the process. You can have a big extravaganza if you want. If, however, your child has been through traumatic episodes, a big party may be too much for her or him. Have a few close friends over and have a cake.

You definitely should give your family the opportunity to know the baby. Have everyone over for a small dinner and be sure that you answer their questions about the adoption process. Treat the adoption of your new baby as anyone does the impending birth of a little one. Do not be afraid to talk about it so that you make your family feel welcome.

When you bring your new baby home, whether she just came from the hospital or she is nine months old already, be sure to have an enjoyable time planned for yourself. Have a nice dinner planned for you, your partner, and your baby.

Take family pictures within a couple of weeks of bringing baby home. This time can become very distracting because you have so much going on in your life. You will want to remember the time when your baby first became part of your family, so take pictures now. It will help you feel more of a family.

Do what you can to make this time memorable. Take plenty of pictures. Make a scrapbook. You may consider recording the events of getting to know your new baby in a notebook. It will make a wonderful present to give your little one when he is not so little anymore. You will have something to show him about the adjustment it took to get used to him being in your life. This notebook method can work for you, too, so that later you can read and remember those first precious days with your little one.

By Julia Mercer

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