Sunday, September 04, 2005

Children's Birthday Party Favor Favor Bags

Children's birthday parties can take alot of time to plan and, if it's your baby's first birthday, you may be looking for some ideas. If you are planning a birthday party for your child, you already know that take-home favor bags are a must. Putting together the favor bags can be time consuming as well as costly, but there are some ways to make it easier on yourself (and on your pocketbook). Here are some tips to help you save money and time on party favor bags:

Order online. There are several wonderful party sites that offer ready-made bags or boxes filled with favors to coordinate with your party theme. One of the most well known sites is You can search through their list of over one hundred party themes to find favor bags that will go with your party theme. The price averages around $4.50 per filled bag and items included are usually stickers, plastic jewelry, small plush toys, rings, etc.
Another online site,, offers a vast selection of ready made favor bags at about $4.00 each. Party bag themes range from popular characters like Blues Clues and The Little Mermaid to more traditional themes like princesses, dinosaurs, or Baby's First birthday.

Work with a party planner. If you are planning a children's party for a large number of guests, it may make sense to work with a company that specializes in themed kids parties. You can often opt for coordinating favor bags as part of your package-- which will be one more thing that you won't have to worry about later. If favor bags are not offered, ask about them anyway. Most party planners will be more than happy to accommodate all of your party needs and will likely make an exception and provide the favor bags.

Make your own-- inexpensively. If you make your own favor bags, shop around for the best prices on the items that you will need. You can buy inexpensive party bags or boxes at dollar and discount stores. While you may want to shop at a traditional party store for the bags (because most party stores carry bags to match just about any theme you can think of) , avoid traditional party stores for the "loot" that will go into the bags. I have found that party store favors are usually very overprices, unless you can get them on clearance. Instead, buy the bags at the party store and then scoot on over to the dollar store for plastic rings and jewelry, stickers, pencils, little books, candy and more. Most locations of big-name retailer, Target, have a new "Dollar" section which have a variety of party favor items (just today I came across an eight-pack of jeweled, plastic rings for only a buck). Online, check Oriental Trading Company for unique and very reasonably priced party favor items. Other ideas include mini notepads, pencils, temporary tattoos, bubbles and other trinkets. Most parents will appreciate it if you don't send their child home with a bag full of candy, so go easy on the sweet stuff and limit it to one or two candy items-- for a large party buy a bulk size bag of mixed candy, which will go a long way.

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