Friday, September 30, 2005

Creating a Scrapbook for Baby

By Christina VanGinkel

Creating a unique scrapbook for baby is one of the best ways to create a lasting memory of your child's earliest days. Too often, parents are too busy to record much more than a few quick snapshots. As difficult as it may be though, it is best to try to record a few journal entries in these early days to make a better record of the memories. Waiting until you have more time always sounds like a good idea; but in essence never works out. The small, important recollections are clouded over in our minds, and forgotten.

Even the busiest parent can keep a small notebook out to record thoughts and ideas. Toss it on your counter with an attached pen, or drop a small one in baby's diaper bag, just somewhere that you deem accessible. The notebook does not have to be anything fancy either, even a few pieces of printer paper folded in half and stapled will work. Depending on your schedule, allocate a few minutes every day to write about baby and your feelings. Steal the time from some other task, or combine it with another one, such as after a feeding. When you sit down with baby, be sure to tuck your notebook and pen nearby. If baby falls asleep, use the time to both sneak in some extra snuggle time with your little one, and then take a few minutes to jot down a few entries that can later be used for journaling in your scrapbook. Remind yourself that staying stress free is as important as every other task that involves baby, and scrap booking is a great way to relieve stress and to remind yourself immediately just how wonderful baby is.

If you are overwhelmed with the prospect of coming up with page layouts once you start your book, remember that it is more about the information than the embellishments. You can always go back and spice up a page later, or change things around. You will also notice that once you do a few pages, they will become easier. If you are still blocked for ideas, check out a few of the many scrapbook magazines available. Parenting magazines that also include craft ideas often include scrapbook layout ideas, as scrap booking itself grows on a continual basis, with parents one of its biggest group of fans. Begin small if you are overly intimidated. Scrapbooks are available in various sizes, from the larger 12" x 12" size, down to mini albums of only 4" x 4". These small sizes work perfect as gifts for grandparents and are a great way to test the scrap booking waters!

If you do not know where to purchase supplies, nearly any major retailer, such as Wal-Mart, now carry scrapbook supplies, as do many online and brick and mortar style stores that sell crafts in general. Some stores even sell only scrapbook and card supplies. Scrapbooks are a hobby that can be enjoyed now, as you create them, and far into the future when you look back at them many years from now, in remembering just how little baby once was.

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