Friday, September 23, 2005

The Top Halloween Costumes for Baby

Nothing is cuter than a baby all bundled up in his or her very first Halloween costume. If you're shopping for a Halloween costume for your baby, keep in mind that costumes for baby should be warm and comfortable-- and most of them are one piece zip up style outfits. If you're looking for ideas for what to dress you little guy or gal in, here are some of the top Halloween costume ideas for babies:

Pumpkin. Dressing your little pumpkin up as a pumpkin-- what could be cuter? Look for a two piece pumpkin shaped outfit that comes with a little pumpkin top cap.

Pea in a Pod. Tiny babies look adorable in a green pea-pod bunting. This is the perfect costume for a tiny baby that doesn't crawl yet. Your sweet pea will be the cutest veggie on the block!

Bumblebee. Babies love bumble bee sounds, so why not buy a cute yellow and black bumble bee outfit? You can buy a one piece bunting bee outfit for a newborn or a more elaborate outfit with wings for an older baby.

Froggy. MY son was a Froggy for his first Halloween and the pictures are priceless. Buy a one piece outfit that has Froggy eyes on the top-- your baby's sweet little face will poke out under the gigantic eyeballs.

Ladybug. This is a classic first Halloween costume for a little girl. A red and black lady bug costume-- with or without wings-- will make your little love bug look so sweet.

Bunny. A bunny costume can be used for wither a boy or a girl. Look for a bright white bunny outfit with big floppy ears. The Tom Arena Signature Collection bunny costume is one of the cutest ones on the market (retails for about 50 dollars, but it's worth it for the quality).

Black cat. This is another unisex costume idea-- any little boy or little girl will be the cat's meow in a black cat costume. If you think your baby will try to pull off the cat ears, look for a one piece costume with the ears attached to the hood.

Lion. Imagine your baby's face peering out from a big, fuzzy lion's mane. The lion costume is another cute idea for your sweet faced little one.

Teddy bear. A little bear costume is so adorable. Look for a warm, plush teddy bear costume that will keep your baby snug on Halloween night.

Things to avoid when dressing your baby for Halloween:

Steer clear of costumes that have tiny buttons, sequins or jewels attached to them-- your baby may try to pull loose embellishments off and could put them in his or her mouth.

Avoid costumes that cover your baby's entire face-- a young baby will most certainly not want to be encased in a mask all night!

Skip the Halloween makeup. Young babies will most likely smear any face makeup that you try to put on them-- your little cat doesn't have to have a black, made-up nose to be cute!

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