Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Unique Baby Names and Meanings

I have been noticing that it seems like more and more parents are creating one-of-a-kind names for babies these days. If you are not confident enough to come up with a unique name on your own, perhaps these suggestions for distinctive names will spark an idea for you.

Choosing a name for a baby is one of the most memorable times of a pregnancy. Mothers-to-be read name books from cover to cover and often make lists adding and subtracting names for months until there is a name or two that becomes a favorite. Often if there is a conflict about which name to use, the second choice is given as a middle name.

We will start with Celtic and Irish Gaelic names. A unique boy's name in this category is Ciaran which is pronounced "keer-ahn." The meaning of Ciaran is "little black haired one." A pretty Celtic name for a girl is Aoife. This is pronounced "eef-ya" or "eef-fa" and means beauty.

If you are interested in Spanish names, try Abdias for a boy. Prounounce it "ob-dee-ahs" with the accent on the middle syllable. The meaning is "servant of the Lord." A Spanish girl's name that means "hope" is Esperanza. Marisol is a girl's name that is a combination of the two Spanish names Maria and Soledad. For an alternate Spanish boy's name, Macario means "blessed."

For some unique names without a particular culture or grouping, try Harper, Riley, Madison, Carter, Mariah, Adrian, Sheldon, Jackson, Rowan, Aaliyah, Bailey, Alisha, Charity, or Destiny.

If it is a French name you would like to use for your baby, the boy's name of Nazaire has a meaning of "consecrated to God." Another choice is Remy (pronounced ray-me) that has a meaning of "oarsman." If you are naming a girl, Oriana or Oriane means "gold" according to some sources. Desiree is a girl's name of French origin that means "desired."

A few Russian boy's and girl's names with their respective meanings include:

Anton meaning "priceless"
Nikolai meaning "victory of the people"
Vitali meaning "life giving"
Melaniya meaning "black or dark"
Tatiana is of unknown meaning

If it is an Italian name that you would like to name the baby, some unique monikers in that category would be:

Amato meaning "beloved" or "darling"
Fabio meaning "bean"
Gianni meaning "God is gracious"
Rafaele meaning "God has healed"
Allegra meaning "merry or cheerful"
Bianca meaning "white or fair"
Serena meaning "calm" or "exalted"
Ginevra meaning "fair lady" (this is the Irish form of Jennifer)

No matter what name you end up choosing for the baby, be ready to tell the records people at the hospital when it is time to fill out the birth certificate. Write the name out or at the very least, spell it slowly so that there will not be a mistake on the certificate.

Make sure that you have said the name aloud many times to check how well it flows. If it sounds clunky with your surname, it probably isn't the best choice. And one final "checkpoint" you will want to do is to see what the baby's initials will spell. It has been the embarrassment of more than one parent to not realize until after the name is official that the initials of baby's first, middle, and last names spell something that isn't a very nice word.