Monday, October 31, 2005

Create Custom Christmas Cards Of Your Baby

Are you tired of getting the same Christmas cards every year? Are all of your cards generic? Are you beginning to wonder if it is worth it to send boring cards every year? Everyone else is, too. Sending cards is nice, and it lets others know you're thinking of them. This year, though, use your baby to create a card that people will remember. You can make custom cards of your baby if you plan ahead.

First, you will need to begin snapping pictures of your little one during November. Know how many cards you need and snap away. Try to get pictures of your baby doing something cute that has him or her as the focus of the card. Keep your camera with you all the time so that you can get pictures at him swinging at the park or of her riding the carousel at the mall. You should get as many pictures as you can so that you can have a great selection when you start making your cards.

Then you can pick up some pre-made Christmas cards that are customizable. You can find these cards at many mass merchandisers, such as Wal-Mart, or at office supply stores. You have two basic options that you need to consider. If you have a great printer and want to print out digital images, you can get cards that will allow you to print quality photographs on, or you can get tabbed cards so that you can print out copies of the Christmas card.

Once you have your cards, you can print a basic message on all them, or you can decorate them yourself. If you want to do the decorating, then you will need some stickers, markers, and a little creativity. You should put individual messages, such as "I make Grandma's Christmas special." Put messages that your recipients will enjoy. You can add stickers or photo tabs to make the cards more festive. Look online or in craft stores to get ideas for how to decorate your cards and make them all unique.

Then after Thanksgiving, you should begin selecting photos to use. If you have taken a wide variety, you may be able to get good pictures that will speak to the person receiving the card. For example, if Aunt Edna gave Billy a blanket, and you catch an adorable shot of him napping with the blanket, put that picture on Aunt Edna's card. She will love seeing him use her gift, and you will feel great for making her day.

Once you have selected the pictures, you are at the home stretch. Print the photos and then address the cards. Your friends and family members will love these cards because they will be unique. People feel much better when they get a card that is specific to them or that shows you have put thought into it. Plus these cards are much more precious than any generic "happy holidays" card you'll find in the stores. And don't forget to save one as a keepsake for yourself!

By Julia Mercer

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