Monday, October 31, 2005

Get Into Post-Baby Exercises

While you may not feel like working out after baby is born, you should try to get into a good workout. Exercising releases endorphins, which makes you happy. You also will find that you need some time to yourself, to worry about only yourself. Exercising can be the perfect outlet for such a need.

Remember that you should start slowly. You will not feel up to running a marathon two weeks after your baby arrives. Don't worry, especially if you have not really been in shape before. Set doable goals, such as walking for 15 minutes. Then work toward reaching it.

A Mommy's schedule is hectic as it is, and you may think that adding in exercise is impossible. Still, you need to work the exercise into your schedule. Do not think, "I'll do it when I have time." You will never find the time with that attitude. So in between feedings, diaper changes, and rest, schedule just a few minutes to pamper yourself.

Try to work out in a routine. Babies like routine, and quite frankly, they help moms out, too. They can make you feel better because you will know what is happening at what point in your day. The best way to fit in exercise, then, is to make sure that you make it part of your schedule. If you are at home, you can work out every morning at 11. If you work, do it as soon as you get home. Help working out to become an ingrained part of your life.

Work out alone or with baby. Give both a try and see which one works for you. Some women want to clear their heads when they exercise, so they need to get hubby to watch the baby while they work out. Others will feel great taking baby along. If you are one of those moms, you can look into a great jogging stroller so that the two of you can enjoy your time together, and the ride won't be too bouncy for baby. Try out these strollers by letting baby go for a test ride and by checking out other buyers' recommendations. You want something that will be easy for you to steer and will be a comfortable ride for baby.

The most important tip for new moms who are beginning to exercise is to stick to it. You may let exercise slip in the midst of the million other things you have going on in your life. Do not give in to that temptation. Instead you must make it a priority. It may not sound like much, but even if you can give only five minutes a day in the beginning, that is a start. Work your way up slowly until you have reached a more respectable amount. You need about 30 minutes of vigorous exercise five times a week, at minimum. Make that your goal and map out how you plan to get there. Your health is important, and taking care of it should be, too!

By Julia Mercer

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