Monday, October 31, 2005

Getting Ready For Halloween With My Baby

This year is my son Jayden's first Halloween. We are so excited! I never really celebrated Halloween much as a child, but we decided to do a little something extra this year. It still is probably less than most people do, but we have had fun.

Last week, we picked out a nice, big pumpkin and carved it. That was an experience! I had never carved a jack-o-lantern before, and it was not what I thought it would be. My husband cut off the top and then I worked on getting out the seeds and string. I thought that you would be able to just pull them out. I didn't realize that you would have to scrape and scrape along the edges of the inside. After what seemed like hours, we finished up the strings and seeds.

Then I drew the face onto the pumpkin with a marker. Since it was my first one, I went with the standard pumpkin face that you see on television. Then Brian and I took turns cutting out the pieces. All the while Jayden was toddling around in his walker. He watched us very seriously. When we cut out the nose, Brian gave it to him to eat. He really chomped down on it!

He seem to really enjoy it, so I may have to try a pumpkin dish or two with him. Once we finished, we went inside and picked out the seeds. I mixed them up with some butter and olive oil and roasted them. Yum! They were delicious. I had not had roasted pumpkin seeds either, so I was not really sure what to expect. I was very surprised. I read that you can sprinkle them in soups and on salads, and I can see why. Next year, if we do more than one carving, I will probably do that.

We put up our Halloween decorations, too. Jayden mostly watched, but he smiled at everything. He was particularly impressed with the string of lights we got with little jack-o-lanterns over the lights. He loved banging them together, and he got really quiet and observant when I plugged them up. Unfortunately, then he fell on them and broke several, so we had to toss them. Still, I have hope for Christmas!

We are going to dress up and have candy out for the trick-or-treaters. We live on a fairly busy road, so I hope we'll have some kids stop by. Jayden is going to be Harry Potter. We bought a little cape that I adjusted to (kind of) fit him. He also has the glasses, scar, wand, and broom. We found a party kit for Harry Potter parties, and it had everything included. Brian is going to be Dumbledore, and I'm McGonagall. We have robes. I'm going to put my hair in a bun and spray it black. Brian got a wig and beard, so we're all ready to take care of Little Harry. We're really excited about our first Halloween with baby, and we hope he has a blast!

By Brandi Rhoades

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