Monday, October 31, 2005

Keep Your Baby On Your Mind When You're Working

Many a mom and dad regrets the moment that parental leave is over. Moms who have been home for six weeks or longer hate the thought of not being around their little one for eight to ten hours everyday. There are some simple ways you can keep baby on your mind, however.

First, you should fill up your desk, cubicle, or other workspace with pictures of your little one. If you happen not to have a workspace, then you should put a picture in your wallet. Be sure that you can see your little one often, so you can take a pictorial glimpse even if you can't see the little one. Change these pictures out when you need to and make sure they are cute.

There are other items you can purchase such as mouse pads that will have your baby's picture. some hospital photographers offer this service, but if yours does not or you did not think about it then, you can have a screen printing done at any print shop. You can get a mug or a mouse pad with your baby's picture so that you are reminded constantly of the greatest love in your life.

Another way to see baby's face often is to install a screensaver if you are allowed or put a picture of your baby as your desktop background on your computer. You will see that precious smiling face every time you close out a program on your computer. It will help you get through those first, long weeks.

One great idea is to let your baby leave you a voicemail. Before you know it, your baby will be giggling cute little giggles and then babbling away, saying things that you have no hope of understanding. Still you can call your work phone and have baby babble into it. Then when you are feeling overly sentimental, have a listen. Save it to play back to yourself. Just make sure no one's around in case the sentiment overcomes you, and the tears won't stop.

You also can use some of the baby's lotion or bring in some of the baby's wipes with you when you come to work. That way, anytime you lotion or wipe your hands, you will be reminded of a smell that is associated with your baby. You can try this trick with baby powder or other baby-related items as well. Since smell has the closest association with memory, you will think of baby when you use these products.

Finally, you can get jewelry made that will remind you of your baby. You can have mothers' rings or necklaces with the baby's birthstones, or you can try a charm bracelet. Add little charms for special remembrances of the baby, such as a rattle when she or he learns to play with toys. These types of reminders can help you think fondly of the time when you will head out the door and go home to your little one. Until then, though, be sure that you have enough reminders around to keep you sane.

By Julia Mercer

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