Monday, October 31, 2005

Keeping The Car Clean With Baby

If you thought you had problems keeping your car cleaned out before you brought a little one into the world, you will be shocked at how much stuff can accumulate there once you have the little guy or gal in the car with you. The car does not have to be a disaster spot, however. With these simple tips, you can help to keep your car cleaned out.

First, purchase a lint roller to keep in your car if you have cloth seats. You will be surprised at how many crumbs can get into the car, even if you do not eat in it. Your baby will track in dirt and food particles once he or she starts eating solid foods. You can use the lint roller, which you can store in the glove compartment, to get up these crumbs. If you have leather seats, keep a cloth with you to wipe down the seats.

You also should keep a few wipes in the glove compartment along with tissues. Both of these paper products can be invaluable if you encounter a mess and find out that you ran out of wipes and forgot to change out the package. If you have the room, you can even keep a little changing pad kit in your car. You will find these kits in most baby stores. They have a spot for wipes, a couple of diapers, and have a nice pad to put out for baby. You can use these kits in stores or in the car, making them perfect for quick trips when you do not need the whole diaper bag.

If you are one of those people who keep everything tossed in the trunk of the car, stop that practice. You should get a basket or bag to keep essentials, such as oil and jumper cables. You will want to keep these materials in their own container because you do not want them to spill or leave residue on the stroller that will now take up a significant portion of your trunk space.

Another must-have for moms is a trash bag dispenser. This nifty invention comes in a small, typically rectangular plastic unit. Each unit has a dispensing point and holds about 25 little garbage bags. They work well for grown-up messes, such as fast food wrappers, but they are perfect for dirty diapers! You can change baby and toss the diaper without making it obvious to everyone what you are tossing. They also can help you contain the mess on the way when you are traveling.

It is important once you have a baby in the car to bring in everything each time you come home. It is tempting to leave the toy baby dropped under the seat, but you will find that you are tired later. A trip to the car can be a hassle when you are watching baby, so get it now. Get in the habit of keeping your car in order, and it will become second nature.

By Julia Mercer

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