Monday, October 31, 2005

Learn To Calm Down - Even With A Baby

Sometimes, we get into the habit of working ourselves to the bone, especially when we have a baby in the house. That habit can become a problem, though, when you cannot calm down. You will want to experience your baby's time in this precious little state, so learn to relax using these techniques.

Cut back on your commitments. You need to value your time with your baby, so cut back civic, church, and other commitments when the little one is tiny. You need to make sure that you have enough time to spend with your baby. Be wary of classes for babies, too. One may be okay, but signing up a little guy for five or six events a week will over-stimulate him and keep you exhausted.

Next, stop multitasking so much! Sometimes, multitasking is necessary. If you can talk on the phone and balance the checkbook at the same time, go for it. If you are trying to juggle three or four activities constantly, however, you need to stop. The end result is that you cannot focus enough on any one task, and they all suffer. Plus you can get overwhelmed with the jobs you have to do because you will feel as if you are always running.

Planning ahead should become part of your life when you have a baby. They require a lot of pre-planning. A trip to the mall means that you will need to pack a diaper bag with wipes, diapers, a change of clothes, bibs, and other items. You need to learn to pre-plan if you want to get off on the right foot with your baby. Learn to get the diaper bag together the night before along with your clothes. If you will have a babysitter, be sure to gather everything for him or her before the time to leave arrives.

Take the time to enjoy playing. You and your baby can play together all day if you would like. When you first start playing with your baby, you may find that your mind wonders. You may be thinking of all of the things you could be doing - laundry, dishes, finishing that report - but eventually you will learn to let yourself go. While it may seem counterproductive to sit down and play when you are trying to get everything done, the down time can help you to recharge for the rest of your day.

Finally, take a deep breath. Sometimes we get so accustomed to rushing all the time that we cannot find the time to sit back and enjoy the world. We speed to get everywhere. We run around the house getting chores done, even when we don't have to. If you stop and take a deep breath before you start an activity, it will help you prepare your mind for a slower pace. Learning to calm down will help you enjoy the time you spend with your baby. In addition, it will help you to de-stress so that everyone enjoys you, too.

By Julia Mercer

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