Friday, October 07, 2005

Storing Children's Possessions

By Christina VanGinkel

My grandson is only two, yet he has already used all the available storage space in his room. His 'stuff' is starting to spill out into other parts of his family's home. To top it off, as he travels with my daughter and her husband extensively, knowing what he has, and where it is located, is important so they can quickly pack and unpack. Organization of his clothing and toys is of the utmost importance.

Instead of getting him more toys and clothes this upcoming holiday season, I have decided that I will ask my daughter what organizational items we could get for his things that might also help her in her struggle to regain control of this small person's rapidly expanding possessions!

I have looked at a few items already and have compiled a list of spots she might be able to add some storage, including around the top part of his room. A shelf that ran around the room, or on one or two walls, that was wide enough to display things, but not deep enough that stuff would just pile up and be shoved to the back of it, would be a quick way to take control of some of his stuffed animals and other small collections.

His closet is small, but there is no unit built in. It is a basic closet with one hanging rod and an upper shelf. She could gain much needed space in this spot alone by adding a dual row of rods and adding a hanging shoe rack or more permanent shelving unit on one or both sides of the space. Even though the closet only has a single door, it has space available to each side that goes wasted. She could place shelving to each side, facing towards the inside of the space. An organizer on the top shelf or in place of it would be one more spot to gain wasted space, as the ceiling is quite high and most of it sits empty.

His bed is one more place she could gain space for seasonal items. She could change his bed frame to one that has drawer space built in beneath, or she could use under the bed units. As long as she only needs to get at these occasionally, there is no need to be able to see at a glance what is stored, and it will stay dust free and be ready when she does need it. This would also be a good

Because he travels so often, a large bag with numerous storage pockets would also be a major plus. She does have a bag for him, but not the type that has several different sized compartments, just a few big ones. I think if she had a suitcase for him that gave her plenty of separate storage options, she would be better able to keep track of what she has with for him, and what she may purchase for him while they are on the road. A separate one strictly for toys, in addition to one for his clothing would be ideal. With all of these options combined, she will quickly gain control of the 'overspill' that has been created in their home and during their travels.

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