Saturday, November 26, 2005

Baby Sampler with Matching Gift Card

I was contributing editor at two different craft sites until recently, when I downsized, keeping just my crafting jewelry site. In the process of being the contributing editor, I created several quick, inexpensive gifts for various occasions. One of them was a baby sampler, done up in cross-stitch, with a matching gift card. It is ideal as a present for a baby shower, or for that special new mom in your life, such as a daughter or daughter-in-law. I thought instead of just tossing the instructions aside, they would be put too much better use if I shared them with you all, so without further ado:

Baby showers have become so commercialized that a handcrafted gift often evokes rounds of oohs and aahs, and a gift that has obviously been assembled with deep love for the new arrival even more so!

A cross-stitched sampler is one of those gifts that go the extra mile. Moreover, as long as you are comfortable with the basic cross-stitch, this can be completed quickly and inexpensively, but Shhh! do not tell anyone; just let them continue with the praise over all your hard work. To make the gift even more special, accompany the sampler with a 'sampler' gift card!

Needed Materials

10" x 12" 14 count white or ivory Aida cloth
DMC thread in colors of your choosing (It is recommended that you use a pastel color for the feet and a darker, contrasting color for the lettering)
Satin ribbon bow in corresponding color
Cross-stitch needle
8" x 10" frame
Cross-stitch computer design program for the computer or graph paper

If using the computer, convert an image of baby feet (I found a perfect example in a clipart program) into a pattern approximately four inches wide, by six inches high. If using graph paper, graph out two baby footprints, either freehand, or by laying the graph paper over an existing image, such as a print you took from your own children. Stitch the finished pattern centered on the Aida cloth. Affix bow to the area above the feet. Stitch the babies name and birth weight directly over the feet in contrasting color. (If the baby has not yet arrived, put a small note with the gift telling the parents-to-be that you will finish the piece right after the birth.) Frame and give!

Sampler Gift Card Materials

One sheet cardstock
One sheet vellum
Paper punch
Scrap of satin ribbon

Using the same image that you did for the sampler, in the same 4" x 6" size, trace onto cardstock and vellum, cut out. With the paper punch, punch through both shapes, at the heel; lay the vellum over the cardstock, which will be where you write, and tie together with satin ribbon. Instead of just jotting a quick sentiment, write some words of wisdom, such as 'Dust bunnies don't need feeding, so they make perfect pets!' 'Rock them when their little, hold their hearts forever', or even a tip or two that saved your sanity, such as 'Remember to put on shoes before leaving the house.'

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