Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Gifts for Baby's First Christmas

If you have a new baby on your Christmas list, you will want to give a special gift to celebrate Baby's First Christmas. There are many adorable outfits and t-shirts that feature the "Baby's First Christmas" motif, but if you're looking for some other ideas that can be used year round, read on.

Baby's First Christmas ornament. A special Christmas ornament can be a treasured keepsake for years to come. Look for personalized ornaments that have baby's name engraved on them ("Tyler's First Christmas" instead of just "Baby's First Christmas"). Lenox and The Bradford Exchange both offers gorgeous Christmas ornaments, some of which can be personalized.

A gift of pictures. A gift certificate to a photo studio is a great way to mark Baby's First Christmas. Give the gift ahead of time so baby's parents can schedule a holiday portrait session. Subscription packages to be used year round are another great gift idea for proud parents.

A scrapbook. If you are close to the baby and have access to multiple photos of the child, consider starting a scrapbook for the baby. Check your favorite arts and crafts or discount store for an inexpensive scrapbook-- and don't forget to buy mounting papers and stickers to help accent the book. Even if you know nothing about scrap booking, it is an easy hobby to start and can be quite fun. Once you start the initial scrapbook, then each year you can present the baby with newly completed pages for his or her scrapbook (most books are expandable and new pages can be added).

Books. Start a holiday tradition by giving the child a special Christmas book every year. Some great book suggestions include "Pat the Christmas Bunny" (which is also available as a gift set, with a plush bunny) by Edith Kunhardt Davis or "Baby Einstein's Christmas Joy" by Julie Aigner-Clark (come with a 23-song CD of Christmas music). As the baby gets older, give age appropriate books each year. Some wonderful holiday books for toddlers and older children include "Counting to Christmas' by Nancy Tafuri, "Mouse's First Christmas" by Lauren Thompson and the gorgeously illustrated "A Pussycat's Christmas" by Margaret Wise Brown. If personalization is your thing, look for books that can be printed with baby's name and favorite things.

A special teddy bear. Instead of just buying a "Baby's First Christmas" outfit that baby will outgrow, why not buy a teddy bear with a "Baby's First Christmas' bib or t-shirt. This will be a great keepsake. Check out the "Build-a-Bear Workshop" for adorable teddy bears that you can help to make and personalize-- you can even print out a birth certificate with the name that you choose for the bear.

A snow globe or music box. Online retailers, such as Red Envelope, offer gorgeous snow globes that can be personalized with Baby's name, birth date, etc. Baby will be mesmerized by the beauty of a snow globe. A music box that plays Christmas music is another gift that the child will cherish for years to come.

Last but not least, if you just can't resist all of those adorable "Baby's First Christmas" outfits, opt for pajamas or a sleeper that can be worn multiple times.

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