Thursday, November 03, 2005

Keep a Journal of Your Pregnancy

It will be one of the most exciting and probably most frightening, too, times of your life. A first pregnancy especially should be recorded into a journal for various reasons. For one thing, you will have a record of all points of the pregnancy if you want to compare it to a second pregnancy you may choose to experience later.

This type of journal should actually serve multiple purposes. For one thing, you should record your thoughts and feelings along with the other things that I will be naming. Write down things that you will want to remember that would have otherwise been lost. If there are things that you want to be telling the baby when he or she is old enough, make sure to mark them off from the rest of the journal somehow so they will be easy to find when it is time to share them.

What kind of things should you put into your pregnancy journal? Start by recording the date when you first found out you were pregnant. Did morning sickness begin and if so, at what stage? What were the reactions of your partner, family, and friends when you told them?

Keep track of any exercises your doctor suggests you do, and how often you do them. Make your journal a food diary as well. This will help you to pinpoint which foods may be causing the heartburn and GERD that is sometimes a problem with a pregnancy, or which foods seem to offer extra energy or feelings of wellbeing.

Do you talk to the unborn baby? Write down what you say. The same goes for reading books aloud. It may sound silly to some people, but more and more mothers-to-be are enjoying reading to their unborn babies and getting in the bedtime story habit early. Studies have shown that the baby is certainly able to hear the soft tones of mother's voice while still in the womb. Whether it is just talking to him or reading a story doesn't make a difference, but let the baby hear your voice.

What kind of excursions have you been taking during pregnancy? Have you been feeling more like cooking or decorating since you have been pregnant? Have you been drinking your milk and taking the vitamins that the doctor prescribed? What is each of your doctor visits like? What did the doctor say at each visit? All these are things that you should write into your pregnancy journal.

Keep track of the baby name possibilities that cross your mind. If you will indeed be sharing the journal with the "baby" when all grown up or a teen, there will surely be some laughs to find out what names you considered using!

Write down the festivities that occurred during the major holidays while you were pregnant. How did you celebrate finding out you were pregnant? How did you get ready for the new arrival? What did you do to get the nursery and house prepared?

Those are just a few ideas that you can use to fill up the journal of your pregnancy, but there are countless more ideas that you will be able to come up with. One additional suggestion is that you may want to offer to share the journal with your partner for some thoughts and feelings from the baby's father, too. If he is hesitant to write his thoughts down, take a dictation so to speak, and write them into the journal yourself.