Friday, December 30, 2005

Baby Shower Decorations

When you are planning a baby shower, you will need to work some on the decorations. Here are a few ideas that may get you started and help you feel like you are throwing a great shower.

One idea is to use a stuffed animal theme. The mom-to-be gets to keep the stuffed animals when you are done. You can place the animals strategically around the room or put a small wagon in the center of the main table and fill it with stuffed animals. It is a simple way to decorate for a shower.

If you want to go all-out but are short on the cash or time to do it, then you should try discount party stores. These places have great deals, and almost all of them have an aisle devoted to the baby shower idea. They have storks that you can put up, congratulations signs, and other memorabilia that are devoted to babies. If you opt for this type of decoration at the baby shower, then you will find plenty of ready-made stuff to put up. Your only job will be to get the decorations and find a place to hang them.

You also can make a small balloon centerpiece. These pieces are really popular at baby showers and are simple and inexpensive to make. You will need to get some type of bottom, such as a cute teddy bear or a little toy. Then you will get a number of pink and blue helium balloons. Tie all of the balloons to the center object with pink and blue ribbons. This centerpiece will, of course, be a gift to Mom and Dad at the end of the night. Meanwhile it will be great for the guests to enjoy.

The upside-down umbrella piece also is a great choice. You will need to get an umbrella that looks like it is great for a baby. For example you could get one that is pink and blue or one that has children's characters on it. Then you will put it upside down with small toys, streamers, or balloons in it. Sit it at the table meant for mom so that she will know where she is sitting.

If mom and dad have picked out possible names or are still considering, think about spelling out the name. You can use large wooden or carved blocks to spell out the names on the table. You also could write out various names on the cloth if you are artistic. There is no limit to what kind of decorating ideas you can come up with for a baby shower.

Another option for decorations is to go with a theme shower. I would be careful on this one only because it could make some people feel weird if they go expecting the above-mentioned decorations and find everyone in a hula skirt. Still if mom and dad are into something, such as extreme sports or ballroom dancing, you can make the shower themed for this type of party. Try finding children's props for the theme, such as a baby Hawaiian shirt or a lei and books for children about the themed topic. Put them around the room as decoration and make the entire room themed.

Remember that the baby shower should be fun above anything else. Keep the parents' tastes as well as the age and likely social proclivities of the guests in mind as you plan the party. There should be no alcohol there as a matter of course. Mom cannot drink, and as she is the guest of honor, you should not taunt that fact.

The only real rule on decorations for baby showers is that they should be able to be moved. If Mom and Dad will be opening gifts, you want people to be able to see them while they are opening. You should have a place set aside for guests to put their gifts and have a way for them to watch as the gifts are opened. Other than that, you can imagine any kind of shower you want, and it will turn out okay. If you do it in love, the parents-to-be will know and remember the gesture for years to come.

By Julia Mercer

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