Saturday, December 17, 2005

A Few Questions For Your Baby Journal

Most moms and dads want to keep some type of memento to remind them of what life was like when they were expecting the little one. If you are one of those moms or dads, one of the frightening things you will find is that you will be overcharged for these baby journals or scrapbooks. Many moms and dads are willing to overpay, but you don't have to be one of them! You can start your own baby journal.

To begin, you will need to purchase a nice quality journal at a local office supply store. Then you can begin by recording certain moments in your pregnancy. For posterity's sake, you should consider writing about how you met your partner and how the two of you got together. You also should explain how you found out about the pregnancy and what you thought about it.

There are other questions you can answer, too, that your child will have in later years. Here are a few of the questions you should consider for your baby journal.

What are your fears? Are you afraid of the pregnancy? The birth? The teen years? Write about them honestly so that your child can see, when he or she is old enough to understand, that you did not know everything when you were expecting.

What holidays did you celebrate while you were pregnant? Did you think about creating new traditions? Did your pregnancy change your normal holiday plans?

How did everyone else respond? What did the future grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins say? What did your friends have to say?

What advice did you get? Who told you?

How did you pick your doctor and hospital? What did you think of them? What choices did you have for childbirth? What did you select? Why?

Also keep in mind to write for your baby how you felt at various points in the pregnancy. Were you sick? Tired? Feeling fat?

Keep a record of your doctor's visits. How much did you weigh? What were your questions? What did you learn?

What do you hope to teach your baby? What qualities of yours and your partner do you hope your baby receives? Why? How do you hope your baby will be different from you?

What kind of advice do you have to give your baby about life?

What are some of your favorite quotations?

Who are the world's leaders? What are the most pressing current issues? List major events that happen during your pregnancy and how the world seems to be responding.

Where did you go on vacation? For a weekend trip? For a fun afternoon? What kinds of things did you do just for entertainment while you were pregnant?

How did the older siblings react? How did you tell them about the baby? What did you do to prepare them for the impending birth?

What is Mom's career? How did she decide to enter that field? What kind of education does she have? What are her plans for the future? Answer the same questions about Dad.

How did you break the news to family and friends? Who did you tell first? Why? How did you tell them? What did everyone have to say?

What parenting advice did you receive? What books did you read? What style of parent do you think you will be?

Where were you when you went into labor? What happened? How long did it take? What time was I born? What did you name me? How much did I weigh? How long was I?

These questions are just a sampling of the ones you can write about in your baby journal. You need the baby journal for yourself as well. One day, you will look back at these precious days in your life very fondly. You will want to remember the person you were right now, before you were a Mom or Dad, and this journal can be your way into that part of who you were. It also will be fun to see what you thought you would want to teach your child and what you wanted for him and her and what the reality was later. This is a wonderful time in your life. Preserve it for posterity.

By Julia Mercer

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