Monday, December 12, 2005

Finding Freebies Online for Baby

By Christina VanGinkel

Getting things free online is not always as on the house as it sounds. They want you to sign up for this, or to order that, or to give them the names of family and friends who you think might be interested in some archaic offer that they are running. Finding freebies online for babies though can be an exception. When my daughter was expecting my first grandchild just a few years ago, we were both so enamored with anything baby related at all, that we happily clicked away on numerous baby related links, and to our great surprise, she ended up receiving quite a few free and, here is the magical word, useful items!

Free subscriptions to several baby magazines, a free diaper bag with an assortment of trial products, free diaper samples, free lotions, creams, and even free onesies, and all for the asking. The freebies did not end there though; she also received several hundred dollars worth of coupons good towards the purchase of formula. These came in extremely handy when she attempted to switch from breast-feeding to bottle, and my grandson, sweet boy that he is, refused formula bottle after bottle, with his tummy being bothered by several of the brands that she was actually able to get him to swallow a few ounces. The coupons allowed her to sample the different choices available without it costing her a small fortune, and when she did finally discover a brand that he both liked and that he tolerated, she still had several coupons left for that particular brand for continued savings.

Where can you find these free offers if you or a loved one is expecting a child soon? Check out your favorite manufacturer's websites, as many of them provide free offers for nothing more than the asking. Some will ask you to sign up for a newsletter, but you often have the option to say no, and still receive the freebies. There are also sites online that offer links to free stuff, so check a few of these out too, but avoid those offers that want you to give up extreme amounts of information or sign up for other unwanted offers in order to qualify for the original free baby related offer. Online sites that offer coupons often have offers for baby goods and services too. Maybe it is because anyone that has had a baby, or knows someone that has one, understands just how unexpected the cost of that newborn can be, even for those parents who felt that they were ready and well equipped for the arrival.

A favorite freebie that my daughter enjoyed both while waiting for baby to arrive and long after his arrival, that provided tons of useful information, and was always a good read, was Baby Magazine. When she recently asked me if I could remember where we had found the free offer when she was expecting, so that she could sign up a friend of hers who is newly pregnant, I suggested she just do a search online for Free Baby magazine. Sure enough, she was able to pull up the offer, and several other magazines geared for expectant and new parents that were not available when she herself was expecting, within seconds. Her friend is now happily awaiting her first issues, and baby!

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