Saturday, December 17, 2005

Positive Image Boy Names

Naming your baby is one of the most important jobs you will have as you prepare to become a parent. While a child named Ethel or Igor can work her or his way through life, it will not be without the expectations and images attached to those names. Boys' names have changed a lot over the past quarter century as many parents try to name their children fun names that are not too masculine but will be respected. Here are the common connotations of some boys' names. These names are ones with positive thoughts attached to them. So as you are planning a name for your little guy, give them some consideration.

Alexander is one such positive boy name. Meaning intelligent and a leader, people can see Alexander as an executive or in an important position. From a historical perspective, Alexander the Great comes to mind, and people have generally positive views of him. Similarly, John and David, both traditional boy names, give people the impression of smarts. Both of those names also are associated with good looks and a country-club sort of style. The Bible's David certainly has a great story, and history is full of good Johns - John the Baptist, Pope John Paul, John F. Kennedy, and the list goes on.

If you are looking for other names that bring images of handsome men to mind, think of these selections: Victor, Drew, Dmitri, and Benjamin. These names have flavor, too. Anyone with any Eastern European or Russian lineage should give Dmitri a try. This name is exotic but not considered difficult or "foreign." People can spell it and say it, which helps your child in the early years. Dmitri has a number of variations, including Demitri.

Dante and Clinton are two boys' names that have shown some popularity in recent years, and people have generally good impressions of both names. Clinton, of course, gained in usage with the Presidency of Bill Clinton. This immensely likable U.S. figure is a perfect choice to name a regal child whose life is full of expectations.

Dante is a bit more versatile. First, there are multiple spellings, such as Dontay, Donte, and Dantae, among others. Second, the name is not one that is associated with anyone in particular. While many people will think of Dante’s Inferno, many people have not heard of the classic work. They are more likely to think of one of the number of sports figures with the name. Still, Dante implies a certain masculinity and surety that many parents wish to portray for their baby boys.

If you are looking for something to suggest rugged or strong, the experts suggest that you take Bronson and Douglas into consideration. Douglas works as a nickname-friendly name as well, but the full Douglas conveys a sense of strength and certainty that you may want to come to others' minds when they think of your little one. Bronson is a unique name. It suggests strong and tough but is not so macho that it relegates your son to a life of bullying. At the same time, Bronson is the perfect combination of different but not weird. A weird name can haunt your child. A different name will help others remember him after the 54 Andrews and Johns they have met.

Remember that the connotation of a name is not the only important factor to consider, but it can matter for your son that he has a name that will not make his classmates snicker. Try to avoid selecting names that give most people negative thoughts. Some names, such as Archibald, Elmo, or Horace give people icky thoughts, and you should consider that as well when you are picking the name your child will use for life. You do not want to force your child to overcome that hurdle. Also remember that a name must be workable for a child, teen, and adult as well as a baby. That is why you generally should avoid Jimmy as a legal name. While it is acceptable for a nickname, do your son a favor and name him James. He will thank you when he is an adult. Think carefully. Your baby must live with your decision for a lifetime.

By Julia Mercer

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