Sunday, December 18, 2005

Positive Names For Girls

When you planning a name for your baby girl, you may be tempted to go with something cute, but you should consider that your daughter will use this name not only as a baby and little girl but as a woman. Here are a few female names that come with positive associations for some people. Give them your consideration before you name that beautiful baby girl.

If you want people to think independent when they think of your daughter, Carla is a good name to select. People think that Carla is an outgoing and independent woman and will suit a little girl as well. Kate and Pam are good choices for outgoing girls as well although Kate is associated more with cuteness while Pam makes people think of sweetness.

The eccentric parents may want to consider either Alana or Ava. Most people view Alana as smart, yet mysterious, making her an enigma to others. Ava is a name that invokes thoughts of beauty, but Ava is a dreamer. She is ambitious and will go after what she wants. Courtney, too, is a name for someone who is a little uncertain in a good way. Courtney is bright but mischievous.

Several female names make people think of friendliness. For example, Joy, Joyce, and Christy are names that are associated with friendly girls. Joy and Joyce are a little old-fashioned, though, so those names are suited for people who want to give off an impression of traditionalism. Christy, however, is a more modern feminine name that people associate with someone who is friendly. Naming your child Christy means that you have lots of alternate spellings, such as Kristy, Kristi, or Christi. You also can try slight variations on the name, such as Christina, or Christian that use Christy as a nickname.

If you are looking for something a little eccentric but still used enough for people to have a positive association with the name, you can try Francesca and Marlo. Francesca is the Italian form of Frances, which in turn is Latin for free. In fact, most people think of freer cultures when they think of Francesca; she is European and exciting. Marlo, on the other hand, is an English name meaning "descendant of Mary." In usage, the name evokes images of classiness, a sort of old money girl.

Other fun names for girls include Randi, Amy, Hope, Jody, and Roxanne. Each of these names has a different meaning but give people generally positive vibes. Randi, the name of an empowering character in the Girl Talk series for pre-teen girls, typically is a nickname form of Miranda for girls. Randi gives people thoughts of someone who is cute and lively. Amy, a more contemporary name, has educated vibes. Hope, a name that cycles in usage, gives people the ideas that the word itself means; Hope is calm and gentle, always looking on the bright side.

Jody, a more masculine-sounding name, makes people think of athletic and outgoing girls. Although often used as a stand-alone name, Jody actually is a shortened version of Judith. Roxanne was not used often until the Steve Martin Hollywood version of Edmond Rosrand's Cyrano de Bergerac in the late 80s. Now, Roxanne, which is Persian for sunrise, makes people think of someone who is enthusiastic about life.

Steffi is another name with which Americans are familiar, thanks mostly to Stefi Graf. The name is of Greek origin and is a nickname for Stephanie, which means crowned. Steffi is cute and perky according to people's minds.

Naming your daughter is an important decision you will make. Be sure to take into account what you want people to think of when they think of your daughter. Do you want them to have images of someone who is overly feminine? Would you rather they think her serious? While names are not the be all-end all of existence, they do matter; otherwise, we would not spend so much time thinking about them. Be careful when you name your little girl. She will have to go through life with your selection, and you want it to be one that makes her proud, not embarrassed. Pick a strong name, one that you will love for their rest of your life, too.

By Julia Mercer

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