Saturday, December 17, 2005

The Trials Of His First Christmas

Well, my little man is about to experience his first Christmas. It is already causing consternation, which I did not want. First, we had some miscommunication with my mother about one of the gifts. My husband and I were planning to pick up a Leap Frog Tad for him. My mom said she got one, so we got other gifts. Then, she said she took it back because she decided that she did not like it. Arg! Luckily, his birthday is in January, so I thought that all was not lost.

Then my mother-in-law said that she got him a great little riding toy. That is great, except that we got him a riding toy! So we took it back last night and got the Tad that we were getting to begin with. Tad did not cost as much, so we made out better in the long run. Why do we put ourselves through this, I have asked more than once. Babies will not remember their first Christmas. Then I remind myself that I will remember it, and I want the memory to be a fond one.

Now my mother is not sure if she got too much stuff. I can tell you that she did. My mom has a tendency to overbuy at Christmas, and I am afraid that we will not even be able to take everything back with us. We are driving instead of flying down so that we can bring everything back. That only means, however, that everybody is buying extra stuff because we will have so much room!

I am glad that my son has so many people who want to make him happy, but I am hoping that his first Christmas does not become something that causes stress. I have decided over the past year that we will not do anything again that causes us stress, and this is one of our first tests. Life is too short to go through it dreading every holiday because everyone is fighting over our son.

Next year, my husband and I will be giving everyone a list very early to let them know what we bought for our son. Still, baby's first Christmas is a big deal for all of the grandparents, and we are trying to remember that. My son is the first grandbaby for my parents, and they are excited. He is the son my mom never had, so they are buying tons of toys for him.

We are trying to buy him a few gifts that are not toys. We did get some clothes for him. He does not care about the clothes, or really any of the gifts this year. Eleven-month-olds do, however, enjoy wrapping paper, so we thought that since we have to clothe him anyway, we should wrap some of the things we bought. We also bought an array of wooden instruments for him. I played flute for 12 years and piano for several, and music is really important to me. I want him to love it, too. He will have a whole set, tone blocks, castanets, a recorder, a triangle, clackers, and others. I am hoping that baby has as much fun on his first Christmas as we will.

Baby's first Christmas can be a stressful time for any family, but it is something we are determined to avoid. We will not cart him from place to place and person to person during the time that we are visiting. I think that many parents get so busy trying to make everyone happy that they forget about their little people's feelings. Babies need structure. It is not a popular sentiment right now, but they do need something secure in their lives. At least my baby acts much better when he knows what is going on.

He needs to know that he can nap when he needs to. Instead of catering to the grown-ups who want to hold him, I have decided to cater to him because he is the one whose life will feel turned upside down during the stress of the holidays. I have decided to make a special effort during the holidays, as all parents with babies should do, to spend some quiet time with just him everyday. He needs that. His Mommy does know best here.

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Baby's first Christmas wouldn't be complete if you didn't photograph it. They're naturals behind a camera.