Friday, January 27, 2006

Selling your Child's Outgrown Toys and Clothes

By Christina VanGinkel

Selling baby's outgrown clothing and cast off toys is an excellent way to supplement your income in order to buy more of the same. If you are the sort that has always likes to keep your child dressed in nice outfits, and to buy them new toys, but you have suddenly come to the realization that A: They outgrow those outfits almost as fast as you can get them off the hangar, and B: They can only play with so many toys at once, not to mention when the toy boxes are overflowing and the shelves and closets are full, something has to give, then selling some of their used items may be just the idea you have been in search of!

Donating cast offs is always commendable, but recouping the cost of some of the expense you put out in the first place, and supplementing the future cost of items still being bought is also commendable. With family budgets becoming less roomy all the time, selling your child's cast also helps the purchaser by offering them quality, gently used items cheaper than if they bought them new, as you did.

Selling items does come with some responsibility though. Be sure to leave tags in any items that you plan to sell, this way the new owner will have a clear idea of any cleaning limitations, and sizing. This simple step will also assure you that you list the sizes correctly in any forum that you use to advertise. All items should be washed, and be honest if the items have been around anything such as cigarette smoke or animals, as some children and adults are very sensitive to these factors. Toys and games should be complete, with no missing parts, and should be sanitized before selling whenever this is possible. Also if possible, retain the original packaging or at least the instructions.

Garage Sales

Where and how you sell can have a large effect on how much you can charge and if the items will net you enough profit to make it even worth your time. Garage sales have been a favorite way for many years to sell off your child's outgrown items, but keep in mind that you will not even, most likely, come close to getting the prices you would like to get, or even believe they are worth. Even high scale neighborhoods still draw bargain shoppers looking for great deals.

Second Hand Consignment Stores

Second hand stores that take gently used clothes and toys on consignment will net you a bigger profit, at fairer prices, and even though you will not have to do much after the initial dropping off the items, you will have to share in the monetary rewards for the work they do to sell the items. This is a great way to sell though, as your items often get a high exposure if the store has a good percentage of customers. You also have the advantage of maybe finding some good deals yourself!


Ebay is by far becoming one of the fastest growing marketplaces for selling used children's clothing and toys. Once you take pictures and list the items, do keep in mind that you have to follow up any successful sales with shipping the product. You also run the risk of an item not selling, and then having incurred the cost of listing it and any fees for photographs that you used to accompany the ad. Still, if the clothing and toys are current, quality, and clean, and you are asking fair prices, chances are the items will sell. To cut down on shipping charges, putting together 'lots' of clothing is an idea to consider.

Run a Penny Saver Ad

Penny Saver papers have been around for seemingly ever, and they are still good places to list items for sale. They work especially well if you have specific items, such as jackets, snowsuits, or dressed or suits for a special occasion.

Once you have attempted to sell an item, you may wonder what to do if the items do not sell. You could always try one of the other methods detailed here, or make the decision to donate the clothes or toys. Either way, you be making room for additional items that baby will need as they continue to grow.

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