Monday, February 27, 2006

Baby's First Pictures

Getting your baby ready for his or her first professional photo appointment is a fun and exciting time. It will be a time in your life that you and your family will never forget, and you will have a picture to remind you of it also! A first picture should be cherished and loved forever. You will want to put your baby's picture into a scrapbook or picture book, and hand them out to all of your family and friends.

When you are picking out an outfit to put your baby in, there are a few things to think about. First of all, you do not want to put your baby in some wild, outrageous outfit. If you think it is a popular look now, it probably will not be for long. Even if you think it is cute now, you probably will change your mind in the future. It is best to keep your baby in something traditional and in a traditional color too. Also, if it is winter, you do not want your baby to have his picture taken in shorts, so be sure that the outfit your baby is in matches the season it is. Another thing that is important is the size of the outfit. If you cannot find the right size of an outfit you really like, do not buy it unless you can get it taken in or fitted before your photo appointment. Your picture might look tacky if your baby's pants are too long or too short, or if your baby's arms are way to long for the sleeves of his shirt.

If your baby's first picture is a holiday picture, you might want to coordinate the picture with the holiday. If the holiday is Christmas, you could put reindeer ears on your baby, or maybe put a Santa Clause hat on him. You can also put a copy of your baby's picture in your Christmas cards, or get the picture made into a Christmas card. It is a cute and inexpensive idea, and your friends and relatives will love it. If it is Easter, you could put bunny ears on your baby, or put Easter eggs and bunnies around him. If it is the Fourth of July, dressing your baby in red, white, and blue, or dressing him in stars and stripes might be a good idea.

If it is not around a holiday when you take your baby for his first pictures, you might want to think about what kind of background you want in your baby's pictures. If you know what kind of background you want, you can coordinate your baby's outfit to match it. At most picture places, you can get a brochure of all of the different backgrounds that they have available. You might also want to think about changing your baby's outfits and get multiple pictures and backgrounds. Another thing you can do instead of changing your baby into different outfits is change your baby's accessories. You can add a jean jacket, a hat, or maybe even a button, or bows in your little girl's hair. This will be easy for you and take less time during your appointment, but it will make your pictures look and feel different.

Although it will cost more to get different backgrounds and poses, you can do a lot more with your pictures. Instead of just hanging one of your baby's pictures on your wall, you can do a large picture frame with a collage of all of your baby's first pictures. You can also do multiple scrapbook pages with them, and hand out different pictures to your friends and family. You might want to give your grandparent's traditional pictures of the baby, and give more fun and vibrant pictures to your friends.

Another thing to think about while your baby is getting his pictures done is getting a family picture. If you have other children, you might want to get pictures of all of your children together, or maybe get pictures of just you and your new baby. Another thing you can do is get pictures of the baby and his father together. It is always nice to have multiple poses. At many places you can buy packages that will allow you to get different people in the pictures, but still pay one package price.

The one thing to remember when you get your baby's first pictures done is to have a lot of fun, and make it a memorable experience. It is something that you can never redo, so make it the best you can!

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