Monday, February 20, 2006

Baby's First Scrapbook

By Rebecca VanGinkel

Starting a scrapbook for your baby is a fun and artistic way to keep up with your child's progress and growth. When you have a picture album, all you get to look at are pictures, but if you have a scrapbook, you get to journal and add special trinkets that remind you of the time you took the picture. A scrapbook is something that everyone loves to look at, and your baby will be grateful when he or she grows up that you took the time and effort to make something so special for him. As your baby grows into a young child, working on his scrapbook is something you can do together.

To start a scrapbook for your baby, start by gathering all the pictures you have of him and pictures of you while you were pregnant also. Pregnancy pictures are a great way to start out a baby scrapbook. That way, your baby will know what you looked like when he was in your belly he and where he grew until he was born. Next, put your pictures in sequence or into groups. You can do a scrapbook by arranging your pictures from the time you were pregnant until now, or you can arrange your pictures into groups such as bath time pictures and pictures of your baby sleeping. Whichever you prefer will look good.

Next, it is time to go shopping! You will first need to pick out a scrapbook. You can buy the kind with inserts, or the kind that you just put your pictures right onto the pages. If you buy the kind with inserts, you may want to buy extra page protectors, and twelve by twelve paper or whatever size paper your scrapbook needs. If you buy the scrapbook with page protectors, you can do your pictures out of order, and then arrange them later. You will have lots of different colors and styles of scrapbooks to pick from, so make sure you pick one that will grow with your child.

At some retail stores like Wal-Mart, you can buy a starter scrapbook kit. They include a scrapbook, some titles, die cuts, frames, stickers, scrapbook glue and scissors. The only thing that I do not like about the kits is you do not get to pick what comes in them. They come ready for a boy or a girl, so you usually only use half of the products in them, and the rest go to waste. You also usually do not know what the cover of the scrapbook looks like, and that is a very important feature of the book.

Some things that you will definitely need to start a scrapbook are glue, paper, stickers, and scissors. Make sure the paper and glue are acid free. Acid free glue will not make your pictures and paper change colors and turn funny over the years. Some things you might want to buy are ribbon, stickers, titles, journaling envelopes, die cuts, glitter, letters, and anything else you can think of. Journaling envelopes are important and make a page look great. You might want to write the time the picture was taken, the date, the baby's age, and why you think the picture is special.

You might also want to think about saving things from special moments like a clip of hair from your baby's first haircut, or a seashell from your baby's first time at the beach or the ocean. Those kinds of things are what makes your scrapbook special, and like nobody else's. Something else you might want to buy is little nylon bags with drawstrings, so you can put your baby's first tooth in it, or anything else special of your baby's.

Besides adding embellishments to your baby's first scrapbook, you might want to think about adding poems, letters written from relatives, the first picture your baby drew, and things like that. You might also want to write in the first word your baby said, when your baby first ate solid food, and other milestones that were special for you.

Let your baby's first scrapbook be fun and special for you. Your husband and other children will have fun putting it together with you. The most important thing is to have fun and enjoy the time that you put into it.

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