Tuesday, February 28, 2006

A New Baby On The Way!

We may have an unexpected surprise coming to our family. We are thinking that the surprise will be here around October! Yes, that is right. We may be expecting a new baby! It was completely unplanned, and we are not certain yet. I have taken home tests, but they have come back negative. Still my doctor ordered blood work because she thinks that it is most likely that I am pregnant. I will find out for sure when they get the results of the blood test tomorrow.

The thought of having a new baby is scary and kind of exciting. I feel that we will be excited by the time the baby gets here, so it is okay if we are a little upset right now. My husband said that he is already getting used to the idea, so the only one left is the other man in my life.

Our son is far too young to understand about having a new baby. He is only 13 months old himself, so he has barely left the world of babyhood. He certainly will not be able to grasp the concept of a baby growing in my tummy before the little one arrives. My biggest concern with him, as I am sure is the case with many parents who find themselves in this position, is that they will be under two years old at the same time! That is not something that I ever anticipated, so I am a little unsure how I am going to muster the energy to finish my master's degree, write forty hours a week, sell things online, run my own websites, and have two small children. Okay, maybe something will have to give. Scheduling changes are pretty common when a new baby is going to arrive, and I think that if the answer tomorrow is a yes, then we are going to have to sit down and talk about what all I do with my time.

Money, of course, is a concern, as it is for anyone who is having a baby. My husband makes more than enough to pay the bills. In fact, he pays only a couple of bills as I cover our debts and utilities with my writing. He covers car insurance and mortgage payments. Still we wanted to have all of our debt paid off in about a year, and we were going to be able to do that, but now the baby will come first, of course. A baby can put a significant strain on our financial lives because we want to provide the best for them and because they need new things constantly as they outgrow what they have. At the very least, a second baby means less money spent on new items because we already have so many of them from when our first son was born.

We do not have car payments, but that brings up another issue. We will have to get a bigger car! I cannot bring myself to drive a mini-van, so it looks like an SUV may be the route we go. With babies, it is important to be able to get them in and out of the car. My car is a compact car. I love it, but it will not fit two adults and two small children comfortably at all. My husband has a car that is a decent size but is not as reliable as we would like. So the new baby will mean getting a new car for the family. And do not even get me started on two college funds.

The final concern that we have is where the baby will stay once he or she arrives. We have changed our house around in the last few months so that my office is a perfect distance from the kitchen and living room. It is close enough that I can hear what is going on but am buffered from the bulk of the noise. I like it that way, but now I am not sure where a new baby will fit. We will have to put him or her in with our son and move everything around, or we will have to have our own roommates. Either way, I am sure all will work out fine.

By Julia Mercer

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