Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Pregnancy Books

Knowing what advice to trust when you are pregnant can be really tough. If you go to any local bookstore, you will find shelf after shelf of books available to you about pregnancy. Some are serious, and some are funny. Some deal with the biology, and some deal with culture. You will be overwhelmed by the number of books available, and you have not even come to the parenting part yet. How do you know when you are buying a good book?

First you should check the credentials of the author who wrote it. Books written by doctors, nurses, and midwives all have very different tones. Doctors tend to be more matter of fact. The patient will become more of an abstraction from a textbook, and the pregnancy will be explained in very clinical terms. Nurses deal with the real-life questions they hear from their patients all the time. These questions often are more related to how to ate, what to eat, and other topics that are not strictly medical. Midwives believe that pregnancy is beautiful and that every woman is capable of making it through. Their books tend to have a more informal spiritual feel than the others.

If you are looking at books that deal with other aspects of pregnancy, then you should take the credentials into account, too. If you are looking for something that will help you with the practical issues you will face, such as finding attractive clothing, then the woman who has 10 kids who wrote a book on pregnancy would be the way to go. Just check out the people who wrote the book and see why they wrote it and whether or not you think they can offer advice that you will need. A financial professional will offer different tips than a schoolteacher, for example, and there are pregnancy books out there by all of them. You can find out how to finance your baby beginning now and how to teach him or her in the womb. When it comes to pregnancy, if a book can be written, it has been, and you will be tempted to buy it.

Be sure that you are checking out any hint of parenting philosophy in the books. Although that is more important in the baby books, you will notice it in the pregnancy books as well. For example, some people believe that parenting not only can, but should, be done as frugally as possible. Those people are going to advise you not to get changing tables, baby bathtubs, and other items that most people get because they are not absolutely necessary. And they are right. Those items are not necessary, but you will find that you really like having some of them. You can get these books for the great tips they may offer, but you should be careful of the advice you are receiving from all books.

The funny books out there about pregnancy deal with the craziness of the whole situation. I purchased a book called Breathe for my husband when I found out I was pregnant. It is all about the hilarity of pregnancy from the perspective of a dad-to-be. My husband thoroughly enjoyed the book because it helped him to get a little perspective on some of his concerns, such as seeing me having the baby and paying for college tuition. Everyone should get at least one funny book about pregnancy because there are times when you will get so stressed that you need someone to help you see the lighter side of the situation.

Pregnancy is a stressful time in the lives of many future parents. You are unsure what to expect when your body begins to change, and you often cannot explain your moods. You may know that you are being irrational, but you are not sure what to do about it. Be sure that you check out some pregnancy-related books because you will want to get advice from other people who are experienced in this area. Just be careful that you get the right books to fit your lifestyle. Take some time and look over your choices. Read the back cover. Flip through a few pages. Make sure that you are getting a book that will add to, and not take away from, your experience of pregnancy.

By Julia Mercer

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