Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Scheduling With Baby

Now that we may have another little one on the way, I will have to look at my schedule again. I am due to start back to graduate school in less than a week, which is going to be a tight schedule now that I may be pregnant. For starters, babies do not seem to understand that libraries mean quiet. I know. I know, but they just do not get it. My son loves to spend time in the library, but he thinks that it means he is free to run and play. He adores books, which I love, but the librarians have some strange notion that you should not pull all of the books off the shelves. Hmm.

So this little one will be re-evaluating how I am going to finish school. The baby would be due in October, just a few weeks after the fall quarter starts. If possible, I would like to be able to still go to school. I started writing again on Friday after my son was born on Monday, so I think that I can do it if it is all that is on my plate at that time.

My writing, of course, is something else that I have enjoyed doing and want to continue. I do not just write a little on the side. Writing is my income, and although it is not what I made before I started working for myself, it is money that we use for our family. Right now I keep a strict 40-hour a week schedule for writing. That means that I working on writing projects, marketing my writing, and sending queries for 40 hours a week.

That might not be so bad if it were not for the fact that I have other work I do, too. See, while I absolutely love writing, it can get tiring to sit at the computer as often as I have to. In fact, I find that my fingers start to feel numb, and my whole body and brain need a break. That is where my other work comes in.

I sell items in online auctions. I am just beginning, but it is something that I thought could help pad the small college fund that we have going. Now I am going to have to reconsider that issue because I am not sure how it will all get done. My initial impression, and what I have learned from watching my one-year-old, is that babies understand physical actions. He gets that I am vacuuming or washing the dishes. While he does not know what I am doing, he can see me moving around. When I am at my computer, that is harder to conceive of as busy for a baby.

I think that my online auctions may just come in handy when the baby is born. I may find myself switching over some of my writing time to auction time. I can go out with the baby (and toddler!) to garage sales, second-hand stores, or to other places looking for items to sell at auction. Going with me is something that the babies will be able to understand and enjoy rather than occupying themselves while Mommy is writing. (And I am not sure that I want to leave the toddler in charge anyway.)

They also will make time with my husband more imperative than ever. One of our initial concerns is that the baby will mean that one of us is with a child at all times. Although certainly I am here during the day, and he will keep watch at night, we probably will find that we will spend much of our time with one or the other child because two of us and two of them works well. I am determined that we will not grow apart the way that I see many people say that they do once they have children. Instead I want to be sure that my husband and I are able to spend quality time together. We are going to have to find a sitter and start to go out every month or so just to get some alone time without the current or future baby in the way.

By Julia Mercer

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