Monday, February 27, 2006

Shopping for Car Seats

When your baby is riding in the car, you need to have him safely buckled into a car seat. There are many different kinds of car seats and booster seats with different regulations. When you are shopping for a kid's seat, you need to read the boxes, and make sure you are buying a seat that is safe for your child. Different seats are made for children of all different sizes and weights. There should be a chart right on the outside of the box.

You can go to any large retail store to shop for a baby car seat. If you are shopping for a seat for an infant, you will need to be looking for a rear facing seat. From the time your child is a newborn to the time he is over twenty pounds, it will be required that he is in a rear facing seat. This is a law because a young child's neck is not able to take much movement without seriously injuring a child. Never put a small baby in a regular car seat before they are big enough. You could cause serious injuries in your child, or even death. In baby seats that face backwards, you can buy them with or without a base. If you get one with a base, you can just strap the base into your car, and the seat part clicks into the base. You can even buy car seats that click into certain kinds of strollers. If you buy a car seat without a base, you have to strap the seat in every time you get into the car.

If you are buying a seat for a child that is old enough and big enough to face forward in a vehicle, there are a few different things you can look for. Some car seats come with cup holders, pockets, and other different commodities. Though those seats will be more expensive, they are more versatile, and will keep your car neater. If you travel a lot, a cup holder is a good thing to have for your child, so you will not have to be turning around every time your child needs a drink. Also, when you are shopping for a car seat, there are lots of different kinds of buckles on them. You will want to look for a buckle that is easy for you to strap, and hard for your child to undo. It is a good idea to put your child in the example car seat inside the store. This will let you know if your child fits well, and if he is comfortable or uncomfortable in the seat. It will also let you know if your child is able to undo the buckle. If he can undo it, it is probably not a good idea to buy that seat.

When your child gets to a certain age and weight, you might want to put away the car seat, and start looking for a booster seat. A booster seat for a car is just a little seat with arm handles. You strap your child in the same way you strap yourself in, except you put the strap over the seat, and under the handles before you strap it into the buckle piece. It is a law in every state for your child to be strapped into a booster seat until a certain age and weight. This law keeps many children from dying in vehicle accidents, and it is much safer to have your child strapped in. Even if your child screams and cries, explain to him why it is important to be strapped in, and what the consequences can be if he does not stay in his seat, and stay properly strapped in.

When you are shopping for seats, you can buy many different colors and models. If you have a boy, you probably want to buy a seat that is blue or black, and not one that is pink and white. Pick one out that has good safety standards also. You can look car and booster seats up on-line to see what their safety rating is. You can also buy toys that are specially made to strap onto car seats. You can buy toys that sing and light up, or you can buy rattles and books that hook to the seat so if your child drops them, they can easily pick them up. These will keep your children entertained while you are driving.

Keeping your child safe and comfortable in a car seat is one of the most important things a good parent can do. Shop around and pick a seat that is good for you and your child, and you will be a much happier parent!

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