Monday, February 13, 2006

Toys R Us and Babies R Us . . . and Amazon?!

Most of us are familiar with because they have been an Internet icon for a number of years now. I have been shopping with them almost since the beginning and am always impressed with the selection and service. But many of us may not realize the great amount of expansion has done over the years.

So they sell books and music, right? Sure they do, but they are now teamed with Toys R Us, thus Babies R Us for all the online sales of those two places. What makes it so nice to deal with them is that although your packages will be coming from different places if you order from more than one store within Amazon, your purchases can all go into one shopping cart. One stop shopping is usually too good to pass up and is not an exception.

When you locate the Babies R Us section of Amazon (you can find it via their main page but I simply found it by trying "" and it directed me properly) you will find various sections from which you can shop.

The first section is "Gear" and this is where you will find much of the "equipment" that you will be needing for babies whether they are newborns or older babies. This is where you will look if you need something like a car seat, stroller, playpen areas in which the baby can play and so on.

If you are looking for things to keep baby active and occupied, try the "Activity" section. Walkers, baby swings, and those wonderful activity centers are found here. In another section, "Bath and Potty" you will find things like your dressing table, bath supplies like a baby tub and anything else you will need, things to help you with potty training for older babies, and a selection of diaper bags.

After you take care of all the "odds and ends" things for baby, take a look at the clothing section of Babies R Us. The clothing categories are divided between "baby boys," "baby girls," and "unisex" so you should be able to find some adorable clothing no matter what gender you are shopping for.

Other items and store sections that you will be able to find include a health and baby care section as well as another for safety. Feeding supplies are found here whether you are breastfeeding or bottle feeding and this is where you would find baby's high chair. If your baby is older and eating solid foods, this is the section where you will find the bibs, special cups and utensils and additional things in that category.

After the little one is fed, clothed, and safe, you will be glad to know that you will even be able to buy nursery things here. Furniture, bedding, and decor is available and with the addition of toys to the list of things you can buy here, it is truly a one-stop baby shop. When it comes to buying things for the nursery you will be able to search everything separately or you can choose "collections by color" or "collections by theme."

If it is toys that you are looking for, the divisions within the store are called Imaginarium Baby, toys for babies birth to 12 months, toys for babies 12 to 24 months, and toys for 2 years and up. While you are shopping here, remember that you can hop over to and pick up some books to start building baby's personal library.

On that note, I think that it is very important to always have a library for children. It should be as extensive as you can possibly make it with a variety of reading genres available. If a child starts enjoying the adventures that can be found in books, I believe that it starts a lifetime of learning that will always stay with the child.

Keep in mind that Amazon offers a used book and music, etc. option, too. If there is a classic book you want (and I have often done this) check for what is being offered as a used selection. One word of caution here, though. Remember that if you ordered used items from other customers, you will be paying separate postage on each article. To buy them new directly from Amazon allows one single shipping cost and at least at the moment, orders over $25 are shipped free.