Thursday, March 30, 2006

Changing a Nursery to a Toddler Room

If you have ever had a baby, you probably spent a large part of your pregnancy setting up a nursery for your new arrival. You probably painted in pastel colors, set up a changing table and crib, bought a new rocking chair, and filled the room with stuffed animals, and everything else you could find for your new baby. Well, time goes by fast, and sooner than later, your new baby is now a toddler. When this happens, your nursery will probably not suit your needs any longer. Your toddler will start climbing out of his crib, climbing up on his changing table, standing in the rocking chair, and finding many other ways to try to give you a heart attack. But, do not worry; every toddler does that to their parents! They are actually telling you that it is time for you to change their room from a baby nursery to a big kid room! You should be excited about this, it means that your child is becoming independent, and starting to make decisions on his own! It is a very exciting time in you and your child's life.

When you decide to start changing your baby's nursery to a big kid room, there are a few pieces of furniture that you will need to change. One thing you will have to take out is the changing table. Your toddler should no longer need one in his room, and it will just be taking up space. Another thing you can take out is the rocking chair if you have one. Rocking chairs can be dangerous for toddlers who like to crawl on top of everything. It is easy for them to lose their balance on a rocking chair, causing them to fall off and hurt themselves. The biggest piece of furniture you will have to change is the crib. When you went shopping for cribs, you may have bought one that turns into a toddler bed. If you did, you are lucky. You will only have to convert it to a toddler bed instead of buying a new one. If you end up needing to buy a toddler bed, saving your crib mattress instead of buying a new one will save you money. Some people decide to buy a twin bed instead of a toddler bed. This will save you from having to switch beds in a couple of years. If you decide to do this, make sure the twin bed you pick out is not too high off of the ground. Toddlers are sometimes used to rolling around in their crib, but the bars keep them from falling out.

One thing you can do to change your toddler's room is painting it. If you have painted the nursery a pastel color, such as blue, you might want to think about just adding a border around the room instead of painting the entire room. It will save you time and money. By adding some additional pieces to the room such as different curtains, lamps, a toy box, shelves, and other things like that, you can change the feel of the whole room. You may also want to think about adding a small desk or table and chairs, or you can also add a wooden toy box and a matching dresser. If your toddler likes a specific cartoon character, you can decorate the room around that cartoon character. If your child likes Sponge Bob Square Pants, you can add a Sponge Bob light cover, Sponge Bob sheets and comforter, and a Sponge Bob border around the room. You can then decorate with red and blue lamps and curtains. The whole room will revolve around Sponge Bob without everything in the room having a picture of him on it. You could put Sponge Bob stickers on your child's toy box or dresser if you want, but then if your child decides he does not like him anymore, you will have a harder time changing the look of the room.

Besides adding different furniture and painting the room, there are a few other small things you can do to change the feel of the room. You can add a small book area and some small step stools for your little toddler, which will make him more independent. You can also start clearing out his baby toys little by little, and replacing them with big kid toys. This may be hard for you, but your toddler will love his new room.

Have a fun time rearranging and changing your nursery into a toddler room. Make it a family ordeal, and make sure you let your toddler put his ideas into his new big kid room! This will ensure that he likes his room and that he will spend a lot of time playing and having fun in it!

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