Thursday, March 30, 2006

Documenting Your Baby's Growth and Achievements

As children start growing up, and parents start looking back in the past, they sometimes wish that they had documented their baby's achievements and growth better. Parents sometimes start to forget things that they never thought they would, like how old their baby was when he started to crawl, what their baby's first word was, and what their baby's favorite first food was. Although it was all you could think about at first, when your baby starts school and new things like sports, your new memories kind of push out the old ones. It happens to everybody, but there are many fun ways to preserve your old memories. Your children will love to look back and see themselves as babies, and see what they were like, and also what you were like when they were babies.

One thing you can do to preserve your memories of your baby is by starting a baby book when your baby is first born. Baby books have many places for pictures and journaling, and many different things to fill in such as baby's first food, first time crawling, first steps, and many baby books have charts to fill in for when and which teeth come in first. I have a Noah's Ark themed baby book by Inspirio. It comes in a sturdy box to keep the book safe in, and also has a little bit of space for extra pictures and papers. The box has a Noah's Ark themed picture on it, and reads, "A baby is a blessing from above." The baby book features the same picture and caption. Both the box and the book also have different sayings on them. The first page has an area for your baby's first picture, name, birthday, and also the parents' name. This book is great because it has spaces to fill in about the day your baby is born, the baby's family, the family tree, family traditions, the baby shower, doctor visits and preparations, our world and the things that were happening around the time of baby's birth, the arrival of the baby, what happened during labor, and visitors that came when baby was born. There is also a page where you can ink your baby's hand and foot prints. Besides all of that, there are pages for birth announcements, leaving the hospital, the trip home, and an area for photos of special people involved in baby's life. There is a page for baby's schedule during the first months of his life, first days and weeks, famous firsts, baby's favorite things, keeping baby healthy, baby's first teeth, special ceremony's, first holiday's, first birthday's, and loving thoughts. After that there is a page for every year, where you can place pictures and thoughts, up until first and second grade. Then there are a few pages that your child can fill in on his own when he is old enough. At the very end of the book are eight photo album pages. Many baby books are alike, and if you keep up with them, you will have documented most of your baby's life.

Besides keeping a baby book for your baby, you can start a scrapbook. Scrapbooks are great because you get to put whatever you want in them. You can put pictures, journaling, trinkets, and other embellishments that you like. You can put hair from your baby's first haircut in your scrapbook, or the first tooth that your child ever lost. You can put envelopes, letters, drawings, certificates, and many other things that you want to keep for when your baby grows up. Everybody enjoys looking at their baby book, and your child will be grateful that you put so much thought and time into something for them. If you have more than one child, they will like to compare their scrapbooks to one another's to see who did what first. You can also do scrapbooks of your children together. You can do different scrapbooks such as baby's firsts, holiday scrapbooks, and vacation scrapbooks. You can do scrapbooks alone or as a family.

If you do not have time to do a scrapbook, keeping a photo album is also a fun way to document your baby's achievements. Snapping a picture for your baby's first step, or the first time your baby eats solid food is easy and non-time consuming. You can then place them in order in a cute photo album for your child.

There are many ways to document your baby's growth and achievements. Even doing something simple like writing in a tablet about your baby is better than nothing. Take fun photographs of happy times, and enjoy your baby's life!

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