Thursday, March 30, 2006

Fun Things to do with Your Baby on Easter

Easter is a fun holiday and even more fun if you have a baby or toddler to share the holiday with. There are many activities and different things going on all over the world for Easter, and it is a great time for a parent and a child to spend time together, and do lots of fun things together. There are a lot of preparations that need to be done in most homes for Easter, and it is best if you start early. This will ensure that you have a fun and happy Easter holiday.

The first thing that parents should do for Easter is pick out their children's Easter outfits. Most little girls get frilly and flowered pink and yellow dresses, and boys like light colored suits. Baby's will wear anything that you put them in, but toddlers can be a little more picky about what they wear, and you may want to let them help you pick their outfits out. You will be grateful when it is time to put the outfit on your child and he or she does not throw a huge tantrum. An Easter outfit is very important because it will be the outfit they wear for pictures if you get them, the outfit they will wear to church if you go, and the outfit that your child will wear for Easter day in front of family and guests. You will want to make sure that the outfit fits well and is very comfortable if your child will be wearing it for any long periods of time. You will also want to make sure that your child can walk well in the shoes that you pick out for them, and that the shoes are also very comfortable.

If you decide to get Easter pictures for your child, there are a few things to think about. Some people like to get bunnies in their child's pictures, which is very cute. If you decide to do this, you may want to introduce your child to a bunny before picture day. If your child has never been around a bunny before, he or she may become scared, and then your pictures will not turn out very well. Think about the kind of props and backgrounds you want for your child's pictures before you go to get the pictures done. This will make your time go a lot faster when you are getting the pictures taken. Your child will be less likely to get bored during the pictures if they get done fast. You might also want to think about getting family pictures, or if you have more than one child, you have to think about if you want to get your child's pictures done alone, or together. Another thing you can do for Easter pictures is get your child's pictures taken with a person dressed as the Easter Bunny. It will be a great picture and memory that will be cherished by you and all of your family members. You can send your child's pictures in Easter cards, which your family and friends will love.

If your family decorates and hides Easter eggs, set aside a few hours one night before Easter. If you use real eggs, do not decorate those weeks before Easter, because they will not stay good. If you decorate fake eggs, you can do them whenever you want, and you can also use them as decorations around your house. You can decorate fake eggs with stickers and glitter, and fill them with candy and treats for your baby or toddlers to find. That will definitely keep them interested in finding more. Set up an Easter egg hunt for your children, and if you want, you can even invite their friends over. If it is nice outside, you can have the hunt in your backyard. If it is cold or rainy, the children will have as much fun inside. Make a game out of the hunt by telling the children that whoever finds the most eggs gets an extra prize. Some people like to dress in an Easter Bunny outfit, which your children will love. You could also rent or buy bunnies for your baby's special day. Take a lot of pictures of your family during their egg hunt, and send them later in the thank you notes that you send to people who helped you during the day.

One thing that a lot of families do not do is explain the Easter holiday to their children. If you can come up with a story of how Easter became, and explain it to your baby, your baby and children will understand Easter better, and have a lot more fun. You could make a family tradition of telling the story of Easter every year before Easter dinner or before the Easter egg hunt. Children love tradition, and it is a great time for your family to all be together. A lot of families love to go to church together on Easter also. If you do not go to church, but would like to start, Easter might be the right time.

Remember, Easter is a great family holiday, and a time for families to celebrate and be together. If it is your baby's first Easter, make it extra special. Take a lot of pictures, and make a scrapbook or picture book with all of your holiday pictures in it. Your babies will love to look at them when they are all grown up!

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