Saturday, March 18, 2006

Preparing For Your Unborn Baby

Many people spend a good part of their lives trying to have a baby, and when the time finally comes, they realize that they have not planned for the moment very well. They spend their whole pregnancy dreaming of babies, but not preparing for them, and when the baby finally arrives, the new mother and father have a lot of preparations to finish. To avoid this happening to you, there are a few things you can do to be ready for the new arrival of the love of your life!

When you first find out you are pregnant, you can start with the preparations. Some of the things you can buy for your new baby without knowing the sex are lotions and baby washes, baby medicines, a thermometer, diapers, and other products that are not colored. You can even start buying furniture for your nursery. You can buy a crib, a changing table, a rocking chair, and other furniture, but do not buy blankets, sheets, and pads until you know the sex of your baby. If you are not going to find out the sex of your baby, you might want to decorate in a neutral color such as green or yellow. You can also start to buy clothing for your new arrival, such as white onesies, white socks, white hats, and other white articles of clothing that can be used on a boy or girl.

Besides buying different things for your baby right away, there are a few things that you can do for yourself. You may want to think about enrolling in a Lamaze class, a new parenting class, or any other classes that you think you may benefit from. It is best if you have a partner to help you along your way. If your baby's father is not able to help you out, it is good to ask your mother or a close friend. You can also call your hospital where your child is going to be born, and ask for a walk through of the maternity ward. It will make you feel more comfortable when it is time for you to give birth. The nurse or doctor will show you what kind of room you will be in, where your baby will be kept when he is not with you, and the different tests they will do to you and your baby once he is born. If you do the walk through, you will have fewer questions and be less confused with what is going on when you give birth.

Another thing you can do when you are pregnant is start baby proofing your home. You will have time when you are pregnant to do this, but if you wait until your baby is born, you will have a lot less time, and maybe over look something important. One thing you can do is put covers on all of your outlets that your child may be able to reach when he or she starts moving around. You can also put corner bumpers on your tables and safety locks on your cupboard doors and toilet seats. Another thing you will want to do is remove all pillows and stuffed animals from your baby's crib or bassinette. Babies can easily suffocate with these items around them, so it is best to get into the habit of keeping these kinds of things out of the crib from the start. They are cute decorations, but keep them on a shelf or in a basket until your baby is old enough to pick them up himself.

One more thing that you can do is start setting new rules in your home right away. If anybody smokes in your home or in your car, you might want to think about banning it. Smoke can harm your unborn baby, and you. You can make a rule that says anybody smoking has to do so outside of your home and your car. This is for the safety of you and your baby. If you have a pet, you may want to think about training it around a baby doll. Some pets get jealous and protective, and you will want to stop that before your new baby is born. If you have a cat, you may want to think about keeping it in a separate room, or out of your baby's room. Cat hair can cause allergies in newborns, or lay on a newborns face. This is something you will want to avoid also. Having an animal and a baby in your home can be difficult, but it can be managed.

Preparing for a new baby can be hard and exhausting. Besides shopping for your unborn baby and preparing yourself for the arrival of your new baby, there are a few more things you will want to try, such as enjoying your pregnancy and relaxing!

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