Saturday, March 18, 2006

Starting Your Baby On Solid Food

When your baby is first born, you will most likely be breast feeding or bottle feeding him. All mothers know what is best for her baby, and it will be no different when it comes to feeding your baby solid foods for the first time. All babies will start eating solid foods at different times in their lives. Some babies will eat solid foods as early as three months, and some will not start eating them until six or seven months. You will know when your baby is ready, so do not let anyone pressure you into it earlier than you think is healthy for your baby.

There are a few things to look at when you are thinking of starting your baby on solid foods. You want to make sure that your baby can hold his or her head up without any help or extra support. You also want to make sure that your baby can sit in a high chair without any help or extra support. This will let you know that your child's body is mature and healthy enough to start digesting more than milk, formula, and baby cereal.

You may have started your baby on baby cereal by putting a small amount into his or her bottle. It is actually a good and healthy way to start your baby on solid foods. This will help her digestive system start digesting more than liquids. It also helps fill your baby's little belly faster, and she will be more content. Besides putting baby cereal in her bottle, baby cereal is a good solid food to start your child on.

Put the cereal in a small bowl and mix it either with water, formula, or a small amount of milk. You can ask your doctor what he recommends if you do not feel comfortable making the decision on your own. Next, put your child in his high chair, and tie a bib on him. He will be very messy with food for the next couple of years! Start out by feeding your baby small amounts of the cereal off of his spoon at first. He will most likely spit the first bite out, and make weird faces like he does not like the taste. What he really is thinking about is the texture of the food. Remember, for months now, he has only gotten liquids, and this is a very big change for him. Do not give up if he spits out the first couple of bites. Almost all babies do. They do not know what they are supposed to be doing with it at first. Even if you think your baby is spitting all of the food out, he most likely is not. He is most likely swallowing some of the food.

After you have had your baby on cereal for awhile, you can start giving him baby food. There are many different brands of baby food, but Gerber is one of the most popular. Gerber baby food has age groups right on the jars of their food. You will most likely want to start out with a vegetable. Some people say that if you start your baby with fruit, they will not eat their vegetables, but whatever you decide will be fine. When you start your baby on baby food, only feed them the same kind for a few days straight. That way, if your child is allergic to one of the foods, you will know which one, and stop giving it to them right away. If you feed your baby strawberries and bananas one day, then green beans and peas the next and he gets sick, you will not know which food caused it. So, it is much easier to give your baby one kind of food for a few days straight, until they have gone through all the baby foods and you are satisfied that your baby is not getting sick from one of them.

After your baby has been on baby food for awhile, you can start giving them the baby food dinners. You can get them in dinners such as chicken and spaghetti. These dinners are for babies that are a little bit older. Some have chunks of meat, and some have pasta noodles in them, so you want to know that your child can at least chew a bit and swallow the food without choking.

Whenever you decide to start your baby on solid foods will be the right time. Your baby will love to try out and taste new foods, and even though it will be very messy, you will have a very happy baby!

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