Wednesday, April 26, 2006

When Pregnancy is Popular

By Christina VanGinkel

One of the headlines on my Internet's home page, under the news section, was an announcement about yet another celebrity pregnancy. The headline was announcing how hip it is these days to be pregnant. It reflected on the fact that because so many of the stars are all doing it, there must be something glamorous in it! Well, as far as I am concerned, there are glamorous aspects of being pregnant, but just because there are numerous celebrity pregnancies making the headlines lately, that has nothing to do with it.

Being pregnant is something to be excited about. Two lives have created a third, and at the end of a forty week waiting period, give or take a few days, a brand new life will arrive that will be tiny in stature but huge in demands, space, and most importantly love, both giving and taking it.

While that new life will not be able to announce that they love you, if you are the perceptive sort, it is not so hard to figure out. They will scream at the top of their lungs, and then snuggle into your arms when you pick them up. They might continue to scream for a while, for no reason other than a bit of gas, or because that is one of the things baby do best. Hang in there though, because a few months down the line, you will one day be rewarded with a big toothy grin, which somehow has the power to erase from your mind (at least for the moment) all the memories you have built up of sleepless nights and leaky diapers!

As to the celebrities suddenly having a rise in the pregnancy rate, and this somehow making it a popular pastime, I wonder if the average person considering becoming pregnant because it appears to be the hip thing to do, will remember that many celebrities, though not all of them, will have nannies and other paid help at their command. The average parent will be adding to their workload, not their staff.

Still, I understand somewhat the draw of all of these pregnant stars. In my mailbox yesterday was the latest copy of STAR magazine and on its cover was a plethora of pregnant celebs and their boyfriends and / or husbands. I could not wait to get back up to the house from my walk down our driveway so that I could fix myself a cup of tea and kick back for a few minutes and read the latest gossip on Brad and Angelina. Their cross the world travels to give birth to their new family member in some far away country, and their new fencing to keep out the press. I was not so impressed by the fact that Angelina was pregnant with Brad's baby, as I was that she could find the strength in her advanced stage of pregnancy to do even half of the things the press reported her as doing. I know when I was that far along, I was a bit cranky too. Add to the fact that she has two young children already, a new boyfriend, and press poking their cameras at her every chance they get, and I would be a bit cranky and possessive of everything and everyone around me too. Why I recall being in the last couple of months of my pregnancy and crying if my husband went to work, went fishing, went down the street! If he went anywhere, I was an emotional wreck. Did that make me a control freak? Nope, it meant that my hormones were racing as they often do in a pregnant woman.

If you are planning to become pregnant, consider the reasons on why you and your partner want to add to your family unit. Consider how an additional little often-squalling bundle of joy will change the dynamics of who you are. Do not let the influence of some headline prompt you into what will be one of the biggest decisions of your life. A celebrity's pregnancy and the ultimate raising of that baby will be a far stretch form the average couple who will have to figure out how to stretch an already tight budget to include things like diapers and car seats, daycare, and eventually college.

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