Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Picking the Right Doctor for Your Baby

Many new mothers are overwhelmed at the idea of picking the right doctor or pediatrician for their new baby. When your baby is first born, there will be many things to think about, but picking the right doctor or pediatrician is a decision that you will make that will affect your baby for the rest of his childhood years. My son was scared of his doctor at first, but now that he is two, he does not scream and cry every time we go to see his doctor. My son's doctor would hold my son for a few moments before starting to take his temp or anything like that, and it seemed to help my son calm down. Now that he is older, he trusts his doctor, and actually likes him!

When I was searching for the right doctor for my son, I was scared that I would pick a horrible doctor who was mean to my child and would not listen to the worries of a new mother. I ended up picking my own family doctor as my son's doctor. I like my doctor, and he is the one who was with me from the day I found out that I was pregnant. He is also the one who delivered my son. I figured that he knew me and my baby best, and I knew that he would answer any questions that I had, not matter how silly they sounded.

Although you will want to pick someone that you trust and like as your baby's doctor or pediatrician, do not base your attitude towards the doctor on things you have heard from other people. Somebody may tell you certain things about a doctor that do not sound good to you, but give the doctor a chance if you have heard some good things about him or her. Choose somebody that you get a good vibe from, and that your baby seems to like. If your child is screaming and crying and does not want anything to do with the doctor, you might want to think about taking your child to someone else. Although, if your child has just got a shot from his doctor, or being poked and prodded from the doctor, it is most likely that any child will cry while this is happening, no matter who is doing it to him.

When you are pregnant, you can start making appointments to meet different doctors and pediatricians for your future child. This way, you can get to know your baby's doctor before trusting your child in his hands. If you make an appointment like this, you should make a list of questions to ask the doctor to make the appointment fast and efficient. Pediatricians are very busy, so try not to take a lot of time. Only ask important questions during your first visit. Some questions you may want to ask are if he will make emergency appointments to see your child if he is very ill or seriously hurt. You may also want to ask how long he has been a doctor, and how long he has been around young children. Sometimes, it may be better to pick a young doctor that is open to new ideas, instead of a doctor who has been practicing for many years and is stuck in his ways. It can also go the other way around. An older doctor will most likely be able to tell when something is serious and when something is not, especially if he has been deciding these things for most of his life. A young doctor might make you feel like you have to second guess his decisions.

If you have decided on a doctor for your baby, and you decide sometime down the road that he is not the right doctor for your child for some reason or another, do not feel obligated to stay with this doctor. There are many doctors and pediatricians that would love to have your child as a patient. The most important thing is that your child's doctor listens to you, and treats your child well. Even if your doctor is kind of kooky or goofy, but takes great pride in taking care of your child, you are lucky to have found him as a doctor!

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