Tuesday, August 29, 2006

The Last Month of Pregnancy

For anyone out there who has had a child, you know what the last month of a pregnancy is like. Each day going by just a little bit slower than the day before. It is an awful feeling wanting your baby to come and not being able to do anything about it. We have all heard the different things that you can try to speed up the process. I've been working on a few but I just do not think that any of it is going to work.

Then there are my daily chats with my baby. Trying to coax him out verbally does not seem to be having much affect either. I have heard that eggplant parmesan is supposed to induce labor. Maybe that will work but I have yet to make it to an Italian restaurant. Truth be told I have not wanted any. As of late the baby only really seems to want Chinese food and tomatoes.

With everyday dragging by I have been hard pressed to find things to keep me distracted. Especially now that I am not working since I'm only two and a half weeks away from my due date. Writing these blogs is one thing that I am trying, plus financially making a little money on the side never hurt anyone. I do not plan on going back to work for a while, hopefully a long while if I can manage it. My game plan is to find a way to help my husband out money wise so that I can always be at home with the baby so the internet is the perfect solution.

Some women I think get more nervous as they get closer to their due date but I feel the exact opposite. I think that I was a lot more scared at the beginning of the pregnancy and as I get closer I feel surer that the experience is going to be one that I will always cherish. Have I mentioned that this is my first? Very exciting. I am not even that worried about the pain but I am sure that the labor will rectify that for me. There is always the epidural even though I am still not sure how I feel about that and everyone seems to have a different opinion.

I was scared to wait till the last minute to get the nursery together so I have had that done. That was probably a project that I should have saved for my last month to give me something else to do. The whole pregnancy I kept feeling like I was not going to have enough time to get everything done. It was just going by so fast that I just think that there was any way that we were going to be ready. Boy was I wrong. I think that next time I will do things just a little bit differently.

Thank goodness for the nesting syndrome because cleaning can take up a good bit of time. An even bigger bit of time if it is the heavy duty, crazy, it is never going to be clean enough cleaning that some pregnant women including myself tend to do near the end. Even before I left work I had gotten so bad that people at work were fussing at me all the time because I could not stand to see a piece of trash on the floor. If there was trash I had to pick it up. Sometimes I would try to walk by and ignore it but then I would just end up turning back around to go get it because that was all I could think about. That one little piece of trash on the floor.

I have scrubbed the house up and down. I have started doing anything and everything I can think of on my computer. I have even started helping my husband with his business. That man really needs to get organized. Even with everything that I have been doing I still only seem to have one thing on my mind. The baby. Daydreaming about when the baby gets here. Being angry that he is not here yet. Wishing that I would go into labor. Every little pang I feel I hope that I feel something else similar to it, hoping that contractions have started. I have no idea what a contraction feels like but maybe when I have one I will just know. My mother says I will and mothers know everything.

By Crystal Bowden

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