Sunday, September 03, 2006

Baby Wipe Containers Recycled

By Christina VanGinkel

Recycling might not be a term you think of when it comes to baby and the products you use for him or her, but when you think of how much of some of the items you go through with baby, it should be. Baby wipe containers are my all time favorite item to recycle actually. The rectangular plastic tub types, with a snap tight lid, can be transformed into all sorts of fun and productive items. Travel size containers can also be fun to revamp, and those that come in round, tube form, can be recycled too.

Readying your Containers

When you empty a wipes container, rinse and dry before transformation, otherwise any decorations or embellishments you apply may not adhere well. Depending on what it is, going to be made into, you might have to remove the interior lid that is standard on several brands of both the large and travel size packages, but do not do so until you know what your container is going to be used specifically for. The interior lid is usually thinner than the regular lid and has a slot in the center for pulling the wipes through. It also works to help keep the wipes moist, so for some recycling projects, you might want to leave it in place.

With Scrapbookers always looking for objects to decorate and reuse, baby wipes containers are ideal. They can be transformed into containers to store miscellaneous embellishments, to containers made to store very specific items. Kid's projects are popular too, and I even have one for the geocachers!

Ribbon Storage

Take a small dowel rod and cut it to length so that it will fit into your tub. Slide your ribbon onto it. Cut a row of small rectangular slits across the front of the tub so that you can pull a piece of each roll of ribbon out of it. Of course, you will want to decorate the tub so that is looks as good as it is useful in your scrap room.

Stamp Cleaner

Travel packs make great stamp cleaners. Decorate to your liking, and leave a wipe or two inside to clean your stamps between uses. If you have a preferred cleaning solution, cut and fold several heavy-duty paper towels, place inside of travel pack, and moisten with solution.

Stencil Kit

This is actually a great use for the soft plastic lids. Note: Hard plastic containers will not work for this. The soft, bendable plastic is ideal. Remove the lid from the container, cutting off carefully along the seam, so as not to damage the lid or container, as you will want it to fit back on the bottom when finished. Using assorted paper punches, punch a row of designs, or just a random set of punches. Use as a stencil on various crafting and scrapbooking projects with markers. Store your markers in the bottom, and snap the converted lid back on to keep your new stencil kit all together.

Child's Purse

If you have a little girl in your life, make use of some of the more frilly supplies from your scrapping collection and transform any wipes container, big or small, into a tote. If you are a crocheter, remove the lid from a large round or rectangular container, and with a paper punch, punch holes all the way around the top. Crochet in the holes around, and a few rounds up, making a purse that can be opened and closed simply by having a simple crochet strip run through the last round of stitches. Cover the bottom part with fabric or let the kids decorate with paint, markers, or glue and bits and pieces of craft materials (think sequins!).

Treasure Chest

Both boys and girls would love a treasure chest all their own. You can decorate it and surprise them, or let them in on the fun and have them help. This is a great project for all those left over jewels that you have from your jean decorating days!

Geocachers Cache Container

The round wipe containers work best for this idea, simply because their lids are often tight fitting, yet can be removed relatively easily. The last thing any geocacher wants is a cache whose inside will become wet, causing damage to its contents. Plastic containers are great for making a cache to hide to begin with, so reusing these types of containers is a great way to recycle them. Spray paint in camouflage colors, or use camouflage duck tape to cover.

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