Monday, September 25, 2006

Create a Video Diary of your Pregnancy

By Christina VanGinkel

While creating a lasting video memory of your pregnancy, especially during the early months when hugging a toilet seat might be the highlight of your day, might not seem like a great idea, as your pregnancy progresses, it can have several positives to it, both current and far-reaching. If you have considered creating such a memory, but was not sure why you would, or if you could, then read on for some basic information that just might help you decide if such a project is right for you at this most special time of your life.

First of all, being able to look back at each stage, and both see and hear how you felt, how your attitude might have changed as your body expanded, and how others felt, especially daddy to be, you would be building a legacy that not all do. A video diary might end up tucked away and not looked at after its making for a long time, but then again, if you experience another pregnancy, you might find yourself pulling it out and referring to it just to compare. While no two pregnancies are ever alike, reminding yourself that yes, it was hard to see your toes, can actually be a big boost to your self-confidence the next time around.

If your baby to be has siblings already, including them in the video footage can make the video diary fun to create, and view, as they both or all grow older. I know my youngest son loves to hear that his older sister only allowed us to keep him, as he was not a girl. She had insisted early on, that at eight years old, having a baby brother would be ok, but there was no room for another girl in the family! What attitude that video shows is often the highlight of many family gatherings. That if he might have turned out a she, the reaction might not have so loved years later, but that it still would have been a very interesting perspective overall is often discussed after listening to the story yet one more time!

If being in front of a video camera is not something, you think you would be comfortable at, or you are fearful that you might be at a loss of what to say once the video is running, but you would still like to create one, simplify it. Have a planned sequence each time you videotape. Give the date, or hold up a calendar with the current date circled. Provide a side view so you can look back later to see how baby expanded your waistline from week to week.

Include a bit about how your week went, if there were any doctor appointments or tests, and what their outcome was. If your doctor or midwife is willing, bring along the camera to a visit or two and catch them on film. When baby is grown, they will enjoy seeing who it was that first cared for them as they were preparing entry into this thing we call life!

Be sure to capture the house or apartment you live in, and ff you work outside of the home, include a bit of video on where you work, if you take a subway, etc. Perspectives such as these are all interesting parts of your pregnancy that are often forgotten, especially if you switch doctors, change jobs, or move.

If there are any details specific to the pregnancy that you feel you would like to remember, provide some quick detail. For example, if you can no longer drink coffee because all of a sudden you have a strong aversion to the smell, tell the audience this. On the other hand, if you cannot believe you have eaten, as much watermelon as you have, that it has never tasted so good, even if it does send you running to the bathroom constantly, then be sure to capture these facts too by relaying the information.

If there are important people, who might not live close by but who come to visit you during the pregnancy, be sure to capture them on camera too. With families often spread out across the country, grandma, or grandpa to be might live too far away to be with you physically each day, so capture them during their visit.

Finish off the video diary with baby's birth and homecoming. Once the video is complete what you do with it will be totally up to you. Tuck it away to give baby when they are older, share it during family affairs, make a copy on DVD and store it in your regular scrapbook.

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