Saturday, September 16, 2006

Fisher Price Papasan Swing Tops List

By Heather Pohlabel

I swore that with my third child on the way, when it came to making purchases for the baby, I would buy everything as cheap as possible. I pledged to buy everything second hand and not until it was absolutely needed. No splurging or stocking up this time, and no wasting. I had thrown thousands of dollars away on pricey items with my first two children, and I was not going to do it again, no matter what - until I saw the swing of my dreams - the Fisher Price Papasan Swing. At that very moment, all my promises to myself went out the window and I just thanked my lucky stars that I had enough money with me to buy it.

It was love at first sight with this swing, and I figured that if I loved this particular item so much, my baby would love it ten times more; after all, she would be the one using it. The Fisher Price Papasan Swing ended up being the best baby item I've ever purchased, and it was worth every dime, even though it was quite a few dimes that I had to spend to get it. It's the most expensive swing I saw, and that wasn't what I was looking for, but it is perfect in every way, and I will be sad when my baby outgrows this swing and can no longer enjoy all that it has to offer.

When I saw the Fisher Price Papasan Swing sitting on the shelf all lonely, I could immediately envision my unborn child snugly rocking back and forth in the deep circular plush covered seat. Not only could she rock back and forth in a swinging motions, she could rock side to side like a cradle! SIDE TO SIDE! How wonderful and new that is! I thought of how comforting that would be to a crabby or tired baby and how absolutely cool this swing looked!

The swing is also adjustable, providing two seat positions for baby. There is a recline position for younger or sleeping babies, which looks very comfortable, and an upright position for older babies and babies at play. The swing comes with a snap on tray that has three toys attached. There are two puzzle toys and one rattle toy attached to the tray. The tray is removable.

The feel of the fabric that covers the seat is even wonderful. The neutral colored earth toned velour fabric is very soft to the touch, but slightly luxurious. There of course, is a built in seat belt, and this swing comes with an adjustable head support to hold even the smallest infants in complete comfort. The head support can be raised lower or higher, depending on the child's length and needs. This swing definitely is a grow with me swing! It fits babies up to twenty five pounds!

Not only is the swing adorable, modern, and luxurious, it is an entertainment center as well. Baby can be rocking or sitting still and enjoy the overhead mirror that allows her to enjoy her own face and silly smiles. In addition to the mirror, there is a butterfly, bird, and leaf mobile that can twirl around to engage baby's attention. The butterflies are beautiful and with happy faces, and the bird is blue. They are dispersed intermittently with green leaves that move up and down. The butterflies and bird twirl happily and move in a circular motion above baby's head.

As if this were not entertainment enough, there is a built in sound system in this swing! Baby can enjoy music, chirping, nature sounds, and frog sounds, and the volume can be controlled by you. You can also opt for no sound.

In addition to volume control, you can also control the speed of the swing or the cradle. There is a very slow rock up to a more vigorous rock. There are a total of six speed settings for this wonderful swing. No matter your baby's mood or needs, you can find some comfort with this swing!

The Fisher Price Papasan Swing retails for about $140 at most major retail stores, but you can find it for about $110 to $120 at discount stores. You would be lucky to find this swing at a garage sale or resale shop because it is a new item, but if you find it, get it. It will be the best money you ever spend. I know it was for me!

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