Saturday, September 02, 2006

Having Quadruplets (By 4Ernesto)

Having quadruplets sounds interesting! Well, actually it is more than that. I remember going to the doctor thinking that I was pregnant with twins. All that joy on mine and my husband's faces just went away when we were told that we were expecting quadruplets. The chance of somebody getting pregnant with quadruplets is less than 0.5%. We were shocked.

Actually we did not know what to do. At that moment we had no idea of what to expect. The doctor said that we had only 30% chances that things will turn out to be OK and that we had to have a deduction, something that I did not even want to thing about. An abortion for any reason was out of the question. Just thinking that I had to choose between my children, of whom to kill and who not, drove me and my husband crazy. We decided to visit as many doctors as possible in order to get different opinions about the matter. All doctors had the same answer, "You have to remove one or two embryos". That was not what I wanted to hear so internet and research was my second option. And the miracle appeared in front of my eyes... Several couples managed to bring quadruplets to life with problems that could be overcome. The first thing I did was to print copies of all those articles and take them to my doctor telling him that if all those women managed to give birth to quadruplets I would manage as well. I even told him that I would have two boys and two girls. He laughed and he said "Good Luck!" From there and onwards a continues struggle to prove I was right begun.

My husband was close to me from the first moment. We agreed that we will fight until the end. At least we would be in a position to say that we have tried everything that we could to give all four babies the same chances for life. My parents were optimistic; they both wanted me to keep all babies. My parents-in-law were thinking that this was a mistake. Actually, my mother-in-law never expressed clearly her opinion, but she said that if I had a deduction, it wouldn't be such a tragedy. My father-in-law said that we should do what the doctor said. Anyway that decision was 99% mine, since I was the one who carried those babies, and I decided to keep them all!!!

Bed and sofa were my best friends for that period of my life. We were counting not only the days but even the minutes. It was important for the babies to remain in the uterus until the 30th week of pregnancy. My eating habits changed. I love eating, especially sweets, but at that period of my life I could not eat much. I did not like sweets, only fruits and vegetables (healthy food in general). The amount of food that I was eating was reduced to the minimum. I lost a few kilos as well!! It is unbelievable, but during those 30 weeks and 2 days I only gained 8.5kgs! My body (belly) had a rectangular shape and my heart beats reached 120. During the 30th week I had very hard time breathing and the doctors were afraid that this would probably cause me a heart attack. It was very difficult for me to move and even more difficult for me to walk. I did not get very emotional, as other pregnant women do, but I was getting angry with almost everything and everyone. I felt a prisoner in my own body and that drove me crazy.

On Tuesday the 13/12/2005 I gave birth to four beautiful babies. They had to stay in the incubator for about 2 months with a lot of breathing problems since they were premature, but thank God now they are all fine. The doctors, that treaded the babies in the intensive care unit, did not guarantee that the babies will manage to survive. They only gave us 70% chances that all babies will manage to live. The chances of having them home with no serious health problems were kept to the minimum. Again we proved them wrong. Up to now they do not show that they have brain damage or something that we must worry about. Only the two boys need physiotherapy due to some movement difficulties, but even that is being done as a sort of exercise.

When we first brought them home we did not know anything about children. At this moment I think we can write books about raising children and the difficulties that multiple pregnancies have. Most of the books I read about those subjects have nothing to do with reality. Everything is so well written, the parents look relaxed and happy and the babies have the perfect life that everybody is dreaming for. They are all afraid to tell the truth which is very far from what things really are. Babies can be a 24 hour job. They give you good times and hard times. Actually the hard times are more...

Our life has changed completely. I love all my babies but I think it would be better if I had them one at a time. Having one baby gives you the time to raise it and you can teach it to behave the way you want. Four babies is a job. May God bless them all. They deserve all the work and fatigue of the world!!!!

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Scholiast said...

Well, I'm with you there :) We had quadruplets in 2000. They were born 14 weeks early (26 + 1 day) but are now as any other 6-year-old. It's a handful, yes, and we had been practising child-raising on their big brother (2,5 years old when they arrived), so we knew something, but still... Best of luck - and the most fun part is yet to come!