Wednesday, September 20, 2006

How to soothe a fussy baby

There are many things to learn for a new mom (no matter if this is your first child or your fifth). Each child is different and it is so sad when your little one is fussy and there seems to be no way to calm him down. What's worse is they have no means of communicating to you, but through crying! This can be overwhelming for both baby and mother. So what is a Mom to do? Lucky for us Moms, and the babies, there are ways to soothe the fussy little guy! Keep in mind that every baby is different and that every situation is different as well, find what works for your little guy and try that first when the fussiness begins.

Babies are easily overwhelmed and are programmed to cry. However, if the baby is fussy all the time, take him to the doctor right away. If there are no medical issues then relax. Everyday will get easier as times goes by. Check to see if the baby is hungry, tired, or wet. Some babies hate to have any wetness in their diaper and this tends to make them a bit fussy. Also take notice if the mood or atmosphere has changed, it is loud, stinky, harshly lit? Some of these factors a baby might not like for one reason or another.

Another way to soothe that fussy little guy is to have pacifiers on hand. Although some parents (and doctors) are against them, sucking is proven to be an infant's most powerful soother. Recent studies have shown that pacifiers have been credited with diminishing the risk of SIDS. Rhythm provides a great de-stresser. Using side to side movement or front to back rocking can ease that fussiness right out of the baby. Furthermore, if the only place the baby will sleep is in the car, bring the car seat indoors and let them sleep in it, seat belt buckled. This will be a lifesaver for you and the baby! Some babies are just fussy babies, if you find that your sweet little guy is one of those fussy babies, find ways to ease the pain for both of you. Change the scenery, if after 5 minutes of trying to get him to stop fussing there is no luck, walk around outside, move inside, change rooms, or change holding positions, even changing persons holding the baby might ease the fussiness back a few notches.

One thing some parents forget to do try is the clothes the baby has on. They are very uncomfortable in that cute outfit. Change the outfit, put either less or more on, he may be hot or cold, this may be all that was needed. Now that the basic, sometimes obvious ways, to soothe the baby has been reviewed; there are a few other suggestions that may help as well. Distract the baby with a favorite toy or stuffed animal. My son loves his bear blanket, I put it on my head and cuddle with him and soon he is smiling and has forgotten what was wrong with him. Sing a song or play his favorite song on the CD player. If a child loves music, this is a great way to help them forget about what is making them fussy. And of course this can be done for a 2 week old or a 2 year old.

A change of scenery or atmosphere, although can cause the fussiness, can also help the fusses go away! But by all means, no matter what, try not to loose your cool. Staying grounded and centered will help you focus on finding out what is wrong with the baby. The baby can sense all your moods, if you start to get upset he will know and it will only make matters worse. These little suggestions will provide any mother a starter balance to begin easing their fussy baby. And no matter what go with your gut. You carried him/her for 9 plus months and you do know you child (even at a day old). Follow the parental instincts you have and soon your will know exactly how to ease your fussy baby and make him/her an extremely happy baby!

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