Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Throw your Daughter a Princess Themed Birthday Party!

By Christina VanGinkel

From the moment you knew you were having a baby girl, whether it was months before her birth or the big day itself, it was probably not long before you were planning all the gala parties you could host to celebrate her future birthdays. There is nothing like a little girl to bring forth a reason to celebrate as if a princess is in the palace, because doesn't every little girl deserve to be princess for at least a day now and then! With this in mind, plan your very own little princess her own Princess Themed Birthday Party for her next big day.


The invitations are of course the first thing guests are going to see in relation to the event, so make sure they are as fitting the princess as the rest of the party. If you cannot find suitable invitations, make your own. With your computer and printer, create a castle or wand themed cards, announcing the event. Add a sheet of vellum to the interior to play up the extravagant nature of the day. Envelopes should match too. If you would like to make the invitations even more exciting, send a small gift with each, such as a wand that the guests must bring in order to gain entrance to the grand Princess Ball, or print a golden ticket that guests must bring along, each ticket admitting one or one family, depending on how you address the invitations. For a group of young school aged girls, one ticket per person, for your toddler, one ticket per family.


Decorations will be an important part of such a party. Pick up some white or pink lacy tablecloths, and drape them over the tables. Tulle can also be used to cover anything you might want to disguise to make the house or yard look more fitting for the princess. Keeping in mind the age of the young princess, you might wish to use table attire such as pink paper plates, or for a princess who is a tad older, shop your local second hand shop for an assortment of old fashioned plates and tea cups to set the table with. When your young palace of princesses set down to lunch with real china, they will truly feel as if they have stepped into a palace! Have treat bags tied up in tulle, add lots of ribbon, and when the party is nearly ended pop the treat bags into the freshly washed teacups, and let the young princesses take them home. If you come across any fancy candlesticks, pick those up too. Add flowers, and your table is sure to be a hit.


Play pin the lid on the teapot, or tiara on the queen. Both are knockoffs of the all time favorite pin the tail on the donkey game, but much more in style with your princess theme. Kids can also play Pass the Frog, which is a knockoff of musical chairs. Have the kids sit in a circle and while you play music have them pass around a stuffed frog (a Beanie styled frog works well because they are smaller and easy to grasp even by small hands). To make the game of Pass the Frog more fun, change the rules if you please. Instead of losing when you end up with the frog when it is your turn, the one holding the frog when the music stops is the winner! Play until kids are tired of the game, or until everyone is a winner at least once! If kids are very young, get a few adults to play along, but be prepared for lots of giggling, by kids and grownups alike.


Punch in an elegant bowl is necessary. Make it pink or purple (Kool-Aid comes in a wide variety of colors!) and float ice shaped like stars in it. While most kid's birthday cakes are one layer, a layer cake is ideal, with the cake's decorations shouting princess the whole way. Ribbon, edible glitter, and top it off with a wand fit for a princess.

Throwing you daughter a Princess Themed Birthday Party is a great way to celebrate what is one of your most important family events. From toddler to early elementary aged girls, all are sure to love the special touches that such a party is sure to bring!

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