Thursday, September 21, 2006

The Vaccine: a father's view...

One of the biggest ways in which society is trying to influence us is by telling us how to raise our children. Be it in magazines, on the news, or some kind of internet spam from sites we never even consider viewing, people, "experts" if you will, are invading our private abodes to tell us what is best for our kids. The last thing I need is just one more voice in my head that I have to ignore.

Now, the scientific community is raising controversy, though unintentionally, about what kind of morals our children need to get by in these dark ages.

My wife, while she was with child, began frequenting a message board with mothers expecting at the same time that she was due. After the birth of our boy, she went away from that board, and somewhat recently returned to this site again. Now, my wife never posts much. She has her views, yes, but chooses to withhold them, most of the time. Real recently, the same unintentional controversy, as mentioned before, has finally appeared on her board.

The topic at hand was the passing of a new vaccine. This vaccine is the first of its kind, promising to actually prevent a form of cancer from even forming. The mothers are on board with me, I am sure, but let me bring the dads up to speed. I am talking of the vaccine Gardisil. On June 8th, 2006, the Food and Drug Administration approved the use of the vaccine as a preventative measure against two strains of the human papilloma virus, or HPV, which is responsible for, at least, 70 percent of cervical cancer cases. For those who have not seen the stats, cervical cancer infects six-point-two million women, and kills 240-thousand more, each year.

Needless to say, this is a significant discovery, and it is even awe-inspiring to those of us praying for cure to cancer. Sounds great, right? Well, yeah, sure it does! As a new dad, hopefully one day of a girl, this is a huge find. But, where is the controversy?

Oh, it is not in the vaccine itself. That is simply great. When we began, I noted the way some areas of society want to sway our parenthood techniques. Therein lays the controversy.

Now that this vaccine is popularizing, some states are looking into making it mandatory for young girls to have the shots. Since the strands of HPV are passed during sexual activity, a.k.a. intercourse, some are worried that Gardisil is promoting promiscuity. One side says the vaccine okays the sexually active lifestyle for a person not of age (18 years old) and/or with multiple partners. The other side says kids are unpredictable, so to give them the chance to prevent something bad with a shot is a smart idea.

Want to know what I think? Obviously, you do, otherwise, you would have stopped reading by now. They are both right.
I have a series belief system that is based on faith. Faith in God, His Word, and His Son, and this faith is crucial to all parts of my life: public, private, personal, spiritual, marital, and, parental. Now, I understand that some reading here now do not have the same beliefs that I do. I understand that in this day and age this does not seem possible, but it IS possible to teach a child to abstain. A child can amaze you when you tell them that they do not have to fall into "the crowd" by doing the smoking, or booze, or drugs, or sex. Everyone who I talk to who saved themselves for marriage has never regretted it one iota, and some love to hear stories of others doing the same, because in our world, it is so rare.
Still, with this out in the blue sky, I firmly believe that people should take their daughters to have the shots. We are living in a very dark age. The government is stripping us of hard-earned money for taxes, while studies conflict us about what is okay to eat, and not okay. Then public schools do not give a balanced lesson anymore, abstinence is not allowed to be spoken of in schools, and then they weep over young adults getting sexually transmitted diseases, AIDS, and start having babies.

Folks, society is against us. No matter what kind of example I can be, my son may, in fact, infect someone, and my future daughter may be infected. No matter what my wife says to her in "the talk" it may not be enough to stop her from doing whatever she desires. My daughter will get that shot because I want her to be safe from something in a world that is out to get her, to drag her in.

Dads, teach your sons the proper way to behave. In a like manner, show your daughters the type of man she should want for a husband, when the time comes. Please, above all else, tell them it is okay to wait to give something so precious, so special, that only their God-given spouse will ever receive it: yourself, clean as a whistle, inside and out.

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