Tuesday, October 03, 2006

10 Things to do in the Waiting Room

By Brandi M. Seals

We all hate waiting. Sometimes it seems that there is nothing more torturous than sitting in a waiting room for at least a half an hour. If the kids are with you they need to be kept entertained. Those that left the kids at home are not much better off. Sure they do not have to think about the children, but what are they going to do with that time?

I suppose waiting patients could read up how to get jam stains out of sleepers or how to rev up their man's sex drive. Magazines are always prevalent in a doctor's office. But next time you find yourself sitting in a waiting room, why not put the time to good use.

Face it, in today's busy world, the waiting room might be just what you need to get caught up on put off tasks.

10.) Read a Book
Catch up on that book you have been meaning to finish. If you are able to tune out a little noise, a waiting room is the perfect place to read up.

9.) Balance the monthly Budge
I would say balance the check book but it seems no one uses checks anymore. That is all the more reason to keep a budget. It can be easy to ring up sales with debit cards and credit cards and not give them a second thought. Keep track of what your family is spending and what they are spending it on.

8.) Do Some Exercise
In no way am I advocating pacing frantically around the room in an attempt to work off a few extra pounds, but waiting patients can do isometrics. Contract the muscles in your stomach, butt, legs, or even arms and hold it until you count to ten. Doing this repeatedly will help build up the muscles.

7.) Write Notes
If you need to send out any thank you notes or holiday cards, use your free waiting time to get the job done.

6.) Pick out your Next Hairstyle
Take advantage of all those magazines lying around. Flip through them and discover how you want your hair to look next. If the office does not mind, remove the picture of the desired hairstyle and take it with you the next time you go to the salon.

5.) Knit or Crochet
If you have a portable hobby like knitting or crocheting there is nothing stopping you from doing it while you wait. While you may not be able to whip out a scarf while you wait, you sure could get a good start on a project.

4.) Study
If you are taking classes or need to prep for a work meeting take the extra time to get caught up. This may not work for those that require absolute quiet, but everyone else can make sure they know what they need to for class or work. Reading for class and taking notes or simply reviewing notes are productive ways of spending this otherwise lost time.

3.) Prepare a List of Questions
Hopefully you already have a few questions in mind when you make an appointment, but if you have not had a chance to write them down, do it while you wait. It is amazing how easily the most important questions seem to disappear from the mind when you need to ask.

2.) Make a Grocery List
It always helps to know what you want before you go in the store. Without a list it is easy to load up on all the goodies that catch your eye. Start by making a tentative menu and then listing what you will need to make those meals. Add in anything you are running low on. While you may not be up to grocery shopping after the appointment, you will be prepared when it is time to go.

1.) Relax
Don't have anything that needs to be done? Consider yourself lucky. You get the ultimate joy, some time to veg out and do whatever you want. Sit back and people watch or do a crossword puzzle. Do whatever helps you relax. Just try not to look to pleased with yourself, everyone else counting down the seconds until their name is called could turn on you.

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