Friday, October 20, 2006

7 Great Halloween Costumes

By Brandi M. Seals

Halloween is fast approaching. It is only 11 days away. That does not leave much time if your children do not have their costumes already. Whether you decide to buy a costume, make one, or put one together out of items you already have, it always helps to have a few costume ideas in mind. Seek inspiration from one of these common Halloween costumes.

Skeleton - Everyone probably sees at least one skeleton costume each year. It has been a good standby for years now. You can pick up a skeleton costume pretty much anywhere that sells costumes. You can even try to make one yourself. Once the black suit is donned, do not forget to top it with a skull mask.

Ghost - I was a ghost for several years in a row. There is nothing easier than piecing together a ghost costume. Simply take an old white sheet and cut some eye and nose holes in the material. Drab it over your child and presto chango you have a ghost. Just make sure the sheet is short enough that your child is not constantly tripping over it.

Witch - What would Halloween be without a witch? A pointy hat, some black shoes and a broom is all it takes to create the ultimate witch. If you have a black dress it will add just a little something extra but do not fret if you do not have one. If you can, add a makeup wart or two to spice things up. There are an endless number of things you can do to add a little more authenticity to any witch costume. Just remember that regardless of how many details you use, a witch is a witch.

If your son wants to be a witch, do everything suggested but skip the dress. Black pants and a black shirt should be fine. Or go for something more colorful. Remember, male witches are called wizards and wizards are often known for being eccentric.

Cat - Pick up a pair of cat ears and a tail next time you are buy the store. The cat ears are on a headband and the tail can be pinned to the back of a pair of pants. The cat costume can be worn by kids dressing up to go trick or treating or by adults looking to be a little more festival. When it is as simple as sliding on a headband and attaching a tail, there really is no reason not to get dressed up.

Princess - Little girls always love dressing up as princesses. Since before they could speak, they have been read books that feature princesses and watched movies with princesses. What little girls learn is that they want to be princesses. Indulge that fantasy once a year at Halloween. Have your daughter wear a crown with beautiful dress she already has to make an easy princess costume. If you do not mind spending a bit more, check out the local costume shops. You will find an assortment of beautiful princess costumes.

Cheerleader - Pick up some pom poms at the store. Check the toy aisles. You will be able to find some. If you do not want to buy pom poms you can make your own out of shredded newspaper. You can also pick some up at college football games. Mini pom poms are often handed out. Just keep them tucked away until they are needed at Halloween.

Which ever route you go will lead to a cute costume. Use a plain colored sweater or sweatshirt with a letter pinned to it to recreate a cheerleading costume. Bottoms can be a skirt or pants. If your daughter has long hair, put it up in pig tails to really complete the outfit. Maybe even prepare a cheer that can be done at each door.

Creepy Masked Figures - Creepy masks are the easiest choice. It does not matter what your child wears. Pants and a shirt are fine especially when they are paired with a gruesome mask. Have your child pick out the mask. Choose a deranged looking animal mask or a face that looks like it has been mauled. Before you buy, make sure your child tries on the mask. Check to see that he or she is able to see within the mask and is able to breathe easily.

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