Sunday, October 01, 2006

All About Babies

I remember one time when I started feeding a child and all of sudden I asked myself, when do we let the child eat real food. I mean when do they have to eat solid food? I certainly don't have an idea until I asked my friend about it who has a toddler. I cannot believe her saying to me that her baby is actually eating solid food right after five months. I can see from the body structure of the child having strong arms and great standing way before he turns one year old. He easily utters words that are surprising for a one year old. It even left me believing this child must be genius.

But it isn't new at all. A child could even eat solid food at six months old however one should not force the baby until such is ready. A baby who is well developed even at the early age the residing factor will the child's being health. The mother's proper nourishment during the baby is still inside the womb and during the breastfeeding period. These are one of the many factors that can indicate the child's early development that can prepare him to eat solid food. A parent must understand all of this and also through the help of the physician. Too early or too late preparation for the child's eating of solid food can affect his future eating habits. It is also essential to feed the child on right amount of time and the right kind of food this is for the sufficient nourishment for the body.

This made me realize that babies has also have timetable when it comes to eating. I can always remember mothers feeding their babies through breast milk and I hadn't remembered them serving the solid food. I always thought that babies drink as long as they want when in fact the parents should be the one who manages their food. It made me realize how importance is our knowledge in child rearing especially for mothers. For what we serve our children can indicate their nourishment and affect their early developments that can also affect their long-term development.

So I browse along books having guidelines to babies proper nutrition. It answers everything that I always wonder about. Such of the questions are, when will I know when to give solid food? What are signs that can help me know that my child is ready to eat solid food. Lastly, what kind of baby foods is best for them.

Along are the answers that I hope will give an idea for any first time moms who want to know the responsibilities that they have.

A baby is ready to eat solid food when the birth weight is doubled. In this time you will consider the weight during the time he was born until six months. Breastmilk or formula is not enough for the child's nourishment this is why solid food is introduced.

Consider the child's early motor skills like holding his head up. If the child can already control the movement of the head, this is a good indication that his body is ready. But there is much to consider before going to the final judgment.
Third, try noticing the amount of milk intake of the child. If the child is consuming 32 ounces or more of milk, an indication that the child is already ready to each food not just milk. Milk becomes less to his proper diet.

Lastly, sometimes playing with babies of how he gets curious of putting things in his mouth is also a sign that he gets interest to not just milk but other food. He gets excited and keeps on reaching on perhaps toys or food shown at him. The child's interest towards food is already greater.

But then again, everything should be consulted to the doctor or the pediatrician in order to ensure that what you had observed is already best for your child. Infants are the most fragile humans and they need proper guidance and those who look after them must also be guided properly.

In preparing for a solid food for babies it doesn't mean that they really are solid. Since they don't have teeth. Their mouth cannot break down large pieces into smaller neither they can swallow it whole. One must consider breaking those solid foods for them. Then the food should be prepared in mashed, strained or pureed at a room temperature.
Well that can be head start for these little kids to be strong and healthy all the way. Feed them like we were once feed before and grow up healthy.

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