Sunday, October 29, 2006

Bathing Your Babies and Putting Them to Sleep

Many mothers find it an exceptionally fulfilling experience to bathe their babies. As a general rule, you need to give your baby a nice bath every two to three days. Between this time, you can top and tail like cleaning the bottom, neck and skin etc. Following are some tips and bits of advise that will help you in making your baby's bath safer and more pleasurable.

Baby Bathing Tips

Most importantly, you need to regulate the room's temperature. It should be warm enough for the child.

Before undressing your baby, check carefully that you have gathered everything you need for and after the bath. It is not advisable to leave the baby alone every few minutes.

As you let the water run, place the baby on a changing mat on the floor.

The ideal temperature of bath water is 36 to 38 oC (i.e. 97 to 100 oF). Always remember to run cold water first. Before you put your baby in the bath water, check the water temperature with your elbow or by using a thermometer.

Don't overfill the bath. Keep the water depth at 5 to 8 cm (i.e. 2 to 3 inches) deep.

To support your baby's shoulders, tuck them with one hand, keeping your fingers under the baby's armpit. Support the baby's legs with the other hand. Now slowly lower the child into the bath. Use both hands while lifting him/her out of the bath.

Keep the towel and mat close by the bath. While rubbing the baby dry, make sure you dry the folds of the baby's neck, legs, and under arms.

Remember, never ever leave your baby alone in the bath even for a jiffy. Take the baby out with care and let the door or phone bell ringing till you place the little one safely on the mat, wrapped in the towel.

Washing the Baby's Hair

Follow these easy steps to wash your baby's hair better.

Wrap your baby in a towel.

Tuck him/her under one arm, holding the baby's head over the bath.

Dampen the hair.

Gently and carefully pat the hair dry.

Giving Your Baby a Sound Sleep

To ensure your little one's better health, it is necessary that the baby be provided sound, safe, and peaceful sleep. Following is a bit of advice on safe and restoring sleep for your child.

Selecting the Right Mattress

Choice of the mattress for the baby is of primary importance. A few considerations are to be remembered in this regard. Foremost comes the size and shape of the mattress whether it is for the child's cot, pram, bed, or basket. Wee limbs of babies can easily get caught in gaps at the sides and ends. The size and shape of the mattress should be such that no gap larger than 4 cm remains after placing the mattress.

Type of Mattress

There are many choices available in market in the type of mattress for children. Depending on your individual taste and need, pick any good mattress, whether foam or spring interior, preferably having the following qualities:

· Resistant to odor and mildew
· Lets the air circulate through it
· Has a liquid dissipating middle layer
· Easy to clean of spills

Mattress Hygiene

To prevent any possible allergic reactions of the baby, regularly clean his/her mattress. Wipe its surface and vacuum or sponge clean the non-removable covers. To maintain its shape, turn the mattress regularly. Also, rotate it head to foot so that both its ends are used equally.

Buying the Right Cot

The right cot for the baby is strong and does not have cracked or broken slats. Also, it lacks any points or edges. It gives a firm support to the mattress. It has a structure that does not leave gaps after the matching size of mattress is placed over it.

Location of the Cot

A vital role is played in your baby's sound sleep by the position of his/her cot. It is advisable to position the cot away from ledges or such appliances that can easily come in the grip of the baby's hands. Also, never place the baby's cot near a radiator, beneath a shelf, under a hanging frame, or under clocks etc. Keep your baby's cot away as much as possible from glasses and mirrors.

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